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 Posted: Sat Jan 11th, 2014 12:06 am
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Claw here is what I have that is missing from your results. I have the full card if you want that but just giving DTB results for now.

1/16/56 Fort Wayne Coliseum 1307
Shirley stemple D Lorraine Johnson Sheik D Mr New York Hans Schmidt/Hans Hermann def. Roy McClarity/DTB

2/13/56 FW Coliseum 1612
DTB def Roy McClarity
Verne Gagne D Hans Hermann Jean Ballard/Stemple D Lorraine Johnson/Kay Starr

3/5/56 FW Coliseum 1500
Verne Gagne def DTB
Wilbur Snyder (FW debut) def. Sheik
Melby/Seymour Koenig D H Herrmann/ Mighty Atlas by DQ

4/2/56 FW 2000
Argentina Rocca def DTB,  Hans Schmidt D Jimmy Sixty, Tiny Roe/Pee Wee James DEF Otto Bowman/Ivan the terrible
4/23/56 Bluffton, IN County building
Wilbur Snyder def DTB
A Ash D L Johnson
Bill Melby D Gypsy Joe

5/21/56 FW coliseum
Lisowski Bros D Len Rossi/Seymour Keonig, Dave Jons Def Bozo Brown
DTB def Hans Schmidt

7/12/56 FW Zollner Stadium
Lou Thesz def DTB by DQ
Mighty Atlas/Benito Gardini D Maurice Roberre and Nick Bockwinklel

7/26/56 Zollner Stadium
Sheik D Bill Savage, Might Atlas//Don Cortez D Johnny Gilbert/Mitch Lasson
Wilbur Snyder def DTB by DQ

8/2/56 Zollner Stadium
DTB/Hans Schmidt and Lisowski Bros no contest match went into crowd police called ,Gypsy Joe D CArl Gray, Nick Bockwinkel D Don Cortez

8/16/56 zollner Stadium
2 referees Lisowski's def DTB/Schmidt , Sheik Def CArl Gray, Don Pollack D Don Cortez

9/6/56 Zollner stadium
Hans Schmidt def DTB
Mr America/Bill Melby D H Hermann / Sheik , Joan Ballard D Kathy Starr, Sheik D Mr America
10/5/56 FW Coliseum
Reg Lisowski and DTB dbl dq,Wilbur Snyder D Stan Lisowski, Vollkoff Bros D Bill Melby/Don Pollack, Ada Ash D Rose Roman

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