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 Posted: Sat Jan 11th, 2014 12:13 am
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1/21/57 FW Coliseum

DTB def Hans Herrmann, Jerry Christy D Gino Angelo, Paul Bunyan D Bozo Brown, Volkoffs D Lisowski's  

3/18/57 FW Coliseum

Lisowski's def Poffo/DTB
Baby Doe D Caroline Bennett, Gerry Gordef D Tom Zaharias, Hans Hermann D Carl Engstrom
6/5/57 FW Coliseum Verne Gagne D DTB, Ash D Roman, Handsome Jack Nichols D Jack Wilson
6/15/57 FW Coliseum

Christie/Jack Allen D Angelo/Zack Malkov , Farmer Don Marlin D Maurice Roberre, DTB def. Mahmut Yodsef  (sub 4 Sndyer)

6/26/57 FW

DTB def Poffo
, Stemple D Ash , Swede Karlsson/Farmer Marlin D Ivan the Terrible/Bronco Lubich

7/3 and 7/10/57 same card but it rained both nights

DTB and Schmidt V Poffo / Lubich , Farmer Humphrey V Abe Coleman, Jackie Nichols V Carl Engstrom
7/17/58 Zollner Stadium

DTB def Gorgeous George , GG Def Gypsy Joe, Gypsy Joe / Ivan the terrible D Marlin/Abe Coleman

8/14/58 Zollner

Hans Schimdt V DTB  rained out
Manganoff V Doug Lindsey, Roman D Strimple  first match completed then rain

GG V DTB  both counted out they also went into crowd
Managanoff D H Hermann, Swede Karlsson D Engstrom

8/28/58 FW Coliseum G Joe/Manganoff D DTB/Swede Karlsson, Manganoff D Karlsson, G Joe D Ray Schaefer
10/2/58 FW Coliseum 3153

DTB def Bobby Managanoff
Ed Carpentier D Hermann, Wilbur Snyder D Legs Langerin, Enstrom/Goelz drew
10/16/58 FW coliseum 4183

Manganoff def DTB by DQ , Yukon Eric D Poffo, Volkoffs D Engstrom/Goelz

10/30/58 FW Coliseum 8066 $9452

DTB def Yukon Eric by DQ, Volkoffs D Engstrom/Marlin, Manganoff D Poffo  

12/25/58 Coliseum 7147

DTB def Hans Schmidt
Volkoffs D McClaritys, Johnny Weaver D Zack Malkov, Engstrom/Goelz drew

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