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 Posted: Sat Jan 11th, 2014 08:10 am
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2/4/60 FW
Bruiser/Crusher D Shires
Mitsu Arakawa D Joe Blanchard
Dick Steinborn and Johnny Weaver Drew
9/29/60 FW 4187
ARchie Moore referred
Arakawa Kinji Shibuya  V  Brunetti' Bros  dbl dq
Bruiser D Wilbur Snyder
Fuzzy Cupid D  Little Beaver
L Johnson D Millie Stafford
10/13/60 FW
Pepper Gomez (debut in FW) def DTB
Brunetti's def Shubuyia/ Arakawa dq
dr X  def Lou Whitson
10/27/60 FW connie marker ref
DTB def Gomez
Managanoff Def sheik
Lord littlebrook/beau Brummel D comboy Bradley/tiny roe
11/11/60 FW
Yukon Eric D DTB
Brunetti's D Chris and john Tolos
Sheik def Gomez
11/24/60 FW 5599
Yukon Eric D DTB by dq
Sheik/ Poffo and Gomez bob ellis  C.O.R.
Bronco Lubich def Nick Bockwinkle
2/16/61 FW  5013
Bruiser/Killer Kowalski V  Yukon Eric/Joe Blanchard
Ethel Johnson/Ramona Teselle D Babs wingo/Louise Green
Don Leo Jonathan D Ray Shire
3/2/61 FW  7447
BoBo Brazil Def DTB newspaper said brazil won title and DTB was a bloody mess after match
Don Leo Jonathan/Bill Miller Def Bastian bros
Darling Dagmar D Baby Cheryl
5/11/61 FW
lumberjack match DTB def Yukon Eric
Neilsons Def Bastiens
Killer Kowalski D Haystacks Calhoun
5/25/61 2,034
Killer Kowalski and DTB drew
Ray Shire/Art Neilson def Bastiens  lou/red
Don Leo Jonathan def Johnny Weaver
9/21/62 FW
lord Layton def sheik
Jonathan def DTB
bill miller def dennis hall
emile Dupree and dale lewis drew
Robert of paris def don jardine
mark lewin def ricky cortez
art neilson def George scott
sandy scott def stan neilson
2/14/63 FW 3000
Lou Thesz V  DTB  drew
Joe Blanchard def angelo savoldi
argentine rocca def sheik
taro myaki V mark lewin  drew
nic volkoff/mongol def Al/ Ramon torres
3/28/63 FW 3120
Thesz def DTB
ARgentine Rocca def bill miller
czaya nandor/mark lewin def mongol/ nic volkoff
sheik def joe Blanchard
chief kit fox V angelo savoldi drew