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 Posted: Wed Sep 10th, 2008 03:53 pm
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Here's where the tourney variables really start coming into play. 

I think there's probably little argument that CVE was amongst the least talented workers of all time.  However, his entire body of work only encompassed a few months in 1990, and most of his matches were either against Percy Pringle or in tag action with Kevin (who I believe was essentially running the office during Chris' run).  So the term "in ring success" can be applied very loosely--or not at all--to CVE's career.  But you're right, had KVE or FVE not been as influential in Dallas as they were, there's no way Chris would've ever set foot inside the ring.  Nor should he have. 

Now Kendall, on the other hand, was shoved down the throats of Florida fans virtually from the day he crawled up from the shower drain.  He was given titles and placed in pretty high profile feuds despite weighing about 160 lbs. soaking wet.  He was clearly a better worker than CVE, but attained a degree of sucess--arguably undeserved--that is in an entirely different stratosphere when compared to CVE's "success".  I'm not quite sure as to the degree of Blackjack Mulligan's influence in getting Kendall involved in the business though (does anybody here know)?

This is really what makes this tourney interesting to this stage of the game, there can be arguments for or against virtually every pick. 

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