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 Posted: Sat Feb 15th, 2014 07:29 am
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BigJ wrote: Chitown Rich wrote: If you're talking about the clip at the 22 second mark it's Heenan with the Sheik against Brazil probably teaming with Bruiser.

This match happened in Detroit, Indy and Chicago and you can probably rule out Chicago since that was an outdoor card.
Could it be Comiskey though?

Heenan had the red outfit on in Comiskey and he had a blue one in the clip. Unless Claw knows of other matchups they two teams also met in Indianapoplis and Detroit. My guess this is Indy at the Indy Expo Center on October 12, 1974.
The card before Heenan managed Bruiser against Sheik/Creechman and of course Heenan turned on Bruiser setting this match up.

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