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 Posted: Mon Feb 24th, 2014 08:02 pm
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Qaenos wrote: In the Vault section, there are currently 4 sections:

-ECW Hardcore TV, with 4 episodes from 1992-1994

-WCCW Championship Wrestling Oct 31 1982

-Three Legends of Wrestling episodes (the WWE 24/7 show)

-Old School with five MSG cards (10/91.10/84,4/81, 6/77 and 3/75).

I haven't checked anything else yet.

*** Best part, there is no logo (watermark or not), of any kind on the footage!!***  Awesome!
 At the moment, the streaming is very jerky and almost impossible to watch.  What worries me is that I can't seem to see any local downloading or pre-loading of the video.  You know, you hit pause just as it starts and wait for it to download the entire show before you press play to ensure smooth playback.  It seems to act as though it's "live" even if it isn't.  Hopefully, this is just a launch-day issue.

Are you doing something out-of-the-ordinary to get the channel in Australia? I thought that only the U.S. would be able to get the initial signup.

If not, it sorta sucks that Canada has to wait until enarly Christmas to have a crack at getting this.