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 Posted: Tue Mar 18th, 2014 12:22 am
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One Fan Gang wrote: 12/4/81 St. Louis, MO @ Kiel Auditorium
NWA Champion Ric Flair won a Wrestle Royal by outlasting in order out Gene Lewis, Chan Chung, David Von Erich and Sgt. Slaughter together, Rufus R. Jones, Pat O’Connor, Bob Sweetan, Kerry Von Erich, Ron McFarlane, Jerry Brown, Billy Robinson, Bruce Reed and Ken Patera together
Non Title Match
NWA Champion Ric Flair beat Jack Brisco COR
Missouri Champion Ken Patera beat Kerry Von Erich
David Von Erich beat Sgt. Slaughter dq
tag elimination bout
Crusher Blackwell & Gene Lewis & Bob Sweetan beat Pat O’Connor & Tommy Martin and Billy Howard (sub Bob Brown) when Crusher Blackwell and Gene Lewis emerged as the survivors
1 Sweetan and O’Connor were both counted out outside the ring
2 Blackwell beat Howard
3 Blackwell beat Martin.
Dewey Robertson beat Chan Chung
Rufus R. Jones beat Ron McFarlane
Jerry Brown drew Bruce Reed
att. 7965

I have to think they mean Dewey Robertson instead of Billy for this result, way STL would have brought Billy in just to work this match without a singles on the undercard.

You are probably right since Dewey isn't even listed in the Battle Royal.

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