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10/14/76 New Orleans
Pat Barrett beat Nelson Royal
Larry Hennig & Grizzly Smith beat Ken Patera & The Spoiler
Billy Robinson beat Bob Sweetan
Jay Clayton drew Ron Starr
Abe Jacobs beat Randy Tyler

11/11/76 Chalmette, LA
Bill Watts beat The Spoiler
Killer Karl Kox beat Bruiser Bob Sweetan
Randy Tyler beat Bobby Jaggers
Grizzly Smith & Billy Robinson beat Ken Patera & Jim Starr
Pat McGinnis beat Igor Putski.

11/15/76 Tulsa, OK
Billy Robinson beat NWA Champion Terry Funk dq
Dick Murdoch beat The Spoiler
Abe Jacobs beat Jim Starr

11/20/76 Lawton, OK @ Great Plains Coliseum
NWA Champion Terry Funk vs Ken Patera
Billy Robinson & Jay Clayton vs Skandor Akbar & Choi Sun
Pat McGinnis vs Rick Oliver
Plus one more bout

1/11/77 Shreveport, LA @ Municipal Auditorium
Billy Robinson beat Waldo Von Erich dq
Killer Karl Kox beat Dick Murdoch
Wee Willie Wilson & Bobo Johnson beat Sonny Boy Hayes & Little John
Duke Sakurada beat Abe Jacobs
Sonny Rogers beat Bill Ash

1/18/77 Shreveport, LA @ Municipal Auditorium
Killer Karl Kox & Duke Sakurada beat Dick Murdoch & Jerry Oates dq
Waldo Von Erich beat Bob Sweetan
Billy Robinson beat Johnny Ringo
Tom Jones beat Leon Ogle

1/20/77 Chalmette, LA
Scandor Akbar & Choi Sun beat Bob Sweetan & Buck Robley
Billy Robinson beat Waldo Von Erich dq
Wee Willie Wilson & Grizzly Smith beat Sonny Boy Hayes & Leon Ogle
Randy Tyler beat John Ringo
Abe Jacobs beat Sonny Rogers

1/25/77 Shreveport, LA @ Municipal Auditorium
Lights Out Match
Killer Karl Kox & Duke Sakaruda beat Dick Murdoch & Jerry Oates
Billy Robinson beat Lord Alfred Hayes
Grizzly Smith beat John Tolos dq
Abe Jacobs beat Leon Ogle
Mike Pappas drew Bill Ash

2/12/77 Springfield, MO
Haystacks Calhoun won battle royal
Dick Murdoch beat Killer Karl Kox
Grizzly Smith beat Waldo Von Erich dq
Billy Robinson drew Duke Sakaruda
John Tolos beat Randy Tyler
Jerry Oates beat Johnny Ringo

2/24/77 New Orleans, LA
Billy Robinson no contest Waldo Von Erich
Dick Murdoch beat John Tolos
Grizzly Smith & Haystacks Calhoun beat Leon Ogle & Scandor Akbar
Randy Tyler beat Swede Carlson
Abe Jacobs beat Johnny Ringo
Bill Ash beat Mike Pappas

2/26/77 Lawton, OK @ Great Plains Coliseum
North American Title Match
Buck Robley vs Waldo Von Erich
Billy Robinson vs Killer Karl Kox
Dick Murdoch vs John Tolos
Jerry Oates vs Mr Sakurada
Tom Jones vs Stan Hansen

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