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While doing some Indiana research, I came across some cards that I did not find in Bruiser's record book after doing a cursory review.  I apologize in advance if any of these are repeat items.  All of these cards were found in the "" site.

07-27-55 Michigan City, IN: (6-man rassel royal) featuring Cowboy Carlson; Dick Afflis, Bill Goelz, The Mighty Atlas, Gypsy Joe & Mitsu Arakawa

05-11-58 Anderson, IN @ Anderson Armory - Matchmaker Paul Whitecotton:  Bruiser Afflis vs Luis Martinez; (women) Ada Ash vs Rose Roman; Davy Jons vs Gypsy Joe.  Referee Dick Patton 

06-18-59 New Castle, IN @ New Castle Church Street Gym:  The Bruiser vs Cowboy Bob Ellis; (women) Penny Banner vs Theresa Theis 2/3 45 min; Angelo Poffo vs Hans Hermann 

09-29-59 Anderson, IN @ Anderson Armory:  Wilbur Snyder vs The Bruiser; Hans Schmidt vs Doug Lindzy; Johnny Weaver vs Bronco Lubick 

06-21-60 Brazil, IN @ Brazil Armory:  Cowboy Bob Ellis vs Dick The Bruiser; Boris Volkoff & Nicoli Volkoff vs Nick Bockwinkle & Johnny Weaver; plus a one fall 20 minute match with one member from each team   

02-03-62 Hamilton, IN @ Hamilton High School gym:  Dick The Bruiser Afflis vs Bill Melby 2/3 60 min; Hercules Cortez vs Angelo Poffo 2/3 45 min; Bronco Lubich vs Emile Dupre 1 fall 30 min 

02-10-62 Kempton, IN @ Kempton Armory:  Wilbur Snyder vs Angelo Poffo (replaced Dick The Bruiser (?) - see note) 2/3 1 hr; Bronco Lubick vs Bill Melby 2/3 45 min; Sonny Weaver vs Emile Dupree 1 fall 30 min.  NOTE:  The 2-5-62 edition of the Tipton Tribune listed Wilbur Snyder vs Dick The Bruiser and the 2-8 edition listed Snyder vs Angelo Poffo. 

08-15-63 Connersville, IN @ Fayette County Fair:  Featuring Dick The Bruiser, The Sheik; Dr. Big Bill Miller, Doug Gilbert and midget girls tag team match  

11-15-72 Crawfordsville, IN @ Wabash College Gymnasium:  Featuring Dick The Bruiser and Yukon Moose Cholak  

08-15-73 Kokomo, IN @ Kokomo Speedway: (6 man tag) Dick The Bruiser, Cowboy Bob Ellis & Pepper Gomez vs Baron Von Raschke, Handsome Jimmy Valiant, & Bobby Heenan; Bull Bullinski vs Ken Dillinger; The Great Saki vs Jose Martinez.  Apparently this card was not held on the 15th--latter clipping listed rain date of 8-29-73.  

08-06-74 Connorsville, IN @ Roberts Park:  Dick The Bruiser & Pepper Gomez vs Pretty Boy Heenan & Sgt. Jacques Goulet; (women) Cora Combs vs Lady Satan; Moose Cholak vs Tony Romano; Tommy Lynch vs Johnny Starr    

08-23-84 Logansport, IN @ National Guard Armory:  The World Warriors vs Dick The Bruiser & Stormy Granzig; King Gerry Lawler & Calypso vs Redbone & Playboy Colt; Van Camp vs Abdullah; Saint vs Patroit 
10-17-85 Logansport, IN @ National Guard Armory:  Card postponed until 12-05-85 due to an injury to Chris Carter.  Chris Carter vs Dr. Jerry Graham; plus Dick The Bruiser, Yukon Moose, Great Wojo and others 
11-21-85 Logansport, IN @ National Guard Armory:  Dick The Bruiser & Bobo Brazil vs Graham & Bulldog Kent; The Sheik vs Chris Carter; plus Moose; Monster Murdock, Willie and Calypso Jim 

12-05-85 Logansport, IN @ National Guard Armory:  **This card was originally scheduled for 10-17-85**Chris Carter vs Dr. Jerry Graham; plus Dick The Bruiser, Yukon Moose, Great Wojo and others 

04-25-92 Kokomo, IN @ National Guard Armory:  **This card was "In Memory of Dick the Bruiser"**" (Doom's day death match) The Sheik vs "Ice Baby" Dundee; Calypso Jim vs The Golden Lion; Flag match - Cousin Bubba vs Hooded Hangman; P. C. Austin vs Crazy Dave 

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