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 Posted: Fri Apr 25th, 2014 09:18 pm
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clawmaster wrote: Toronto ran a day earlier. No Bruno or Vachon.

1/1/67 Toronto, Ontario, Canada @ Maple Leaf Gardens
NWA Champion Gene Kiniski beat Johnny Valentine via pin in 25:26
Edouard Carpentier beat Joe Christie via pin in 14:30
Little Beaver & Sonny Boy Cassidy beat Fuzzy Cupid & Irish Jackie 2-0
Terrible Ted The Wrestling Bear beat Jean Dubois
Sweet Daddy Siki drew Fred Atkins 15:00
Rocky Johnson drew Johnny Kostas 15:00
For what it's worth when we had Mad Dog at our meet and greet someone asked him about Bruno and Mad Dog said he NEVER wrestled Bruno, Thesz or Kiniski.
Hard to believe but I never looked up this claim but Dog did say this.