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 Posted: Wed Apr 30th, 2014 10:13 pm
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srossi wrote: yellowdog wrote: srossi wrote: Married Jo wrote:

Kareem telling it like it is. Makes me even more proud that he's been my favorite player ever.

Wow!  That's probably the best thing written by anyone about this whole situation.  Awesome stuff.

Yup, Kareem hit the nail on the head.  Why now?  Why not before?    

The answer is that we live in a society now where words are much worse than actions. 

He was quoted in one of those lawsuits as saying "black tenants stink and attract vermin" and "Hispanics just smoke,drink and hang around the building." Much more vile wording than telling his hooker not to publicly advertise her dalliances with black guys because it embarrassed him at the old boys yacht club.

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