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 Posted: Tue May 13th, 2014 04:12 am
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martini wrote: Though the 1999 one looks bad on paper, you have to remember a lot of the guys cited as midcarders were on the cusp of being in main events or at the very least the upper midcard at that time.

Agreed.  A few were on the cusp, but how many people on that list actually had a chance of winning (as compared to other years)?

And that Rumble was essentially a vehicle to further the McMahon-Austin storyline.

While this is true, that is why I disliked it so much.  I like the Rumble itself as an event.  I felt like this Rumble was completely hijacked for the Austin/McMahon storyline.  The Rumble is a once a year specialty match.  I felt like I got ripped off or something.