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 Posted: Wed May 14th, 2014 01:22 pm
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Here are your missing January 1985 dates from my research for Billy Graham dates. I turned the mid atlantic territory upside down for 1985 travelling from town to town. I gathered tons of dates not on the internet.

There are now only 4 dates missing for Magnum TA in January. I am confident on the 21st, but I need more evidence before stating it here. Which I hope to get my next trip out. So tecnically that leaves only 3 missing dates, which isn't really to bad considerring I do not know his days off.

January 4, 1985 Columbia, SC
Magnum TA beat Kareem Muhammad

January 5, 1985 Richmond, VA
Magnum TA double countout with Nikita Koloff

January 8, 1985 Shelby, NC - TV tapings
Magnum TA, Manny Fernandez vs. Joel Deaton, Jeff Sword

January 11, 1985 Norfolk, VA
Magnum TA beat Ron Bass

January 12, 1985 North Wilkesboro, NC - TV tapings
Dick Slater, Magnum TA beat Black Bart, Ron Bass

January 15, 1985 Greenwood, SC - TV Tapings
Magnum TA vs Mike Fever

January 19, 1985 Lumberton, NC
Magnum TA vs. Black Bart

January 22, 1985 Salisbury, NC
Superstar Billy Graham, Paul jones, Barbarian vs Assasin #1, Buzz Tyler, Magnum T.A.

January 24, 1985 Columbia, SC
Magnum TA beat Black Bart

January 26, 1985 Greensboro, NC - TV Tapings
Magnum TA beat Cowboy Ron Bass

January 29, 1985 Spartanburg, SC - TV Tapings
included Magnum TA

January 31, 1985 Sumter, SC - TV Tapings
Magnum TA beat Golden Terror

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