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 Posted: Sun May 18th, 2014 04:47 am
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10/29/83 Milwaukee, WI @ Auditorium
Rick Martel won a 21 man Battle Royal
Order of elimination: 1-Bill White 2-Baron Von Raschke 3-Blackjack Lanza 4-Ray Stevens 5-Billy Robinson 6-Buck Zumhofe 7-Otto Wanz 8-Steve Olsonoski 9-Mad Dog Vachon 10-Jim Brunzell 11-Sheik Adnan Al Kaissie 12-Andre the Giant 13-Superstar Billy Graham 14-Jerry Blackwell 15-Hulk Hogan 16-Bobby Heenan 17-Greg Gagne 18-Ken Patera 19-Mr. Saito 20-Brad Rheingans. David shults announced as injured and could not compete; Larry Lisowski & Tom Stone refereed
Hulk Hogan beat David Shults dq Larry Lisowski referee
Non Title
Rick Martel & Mad Dog Vachon beat AWA Tag Team Champions Ken Patera & Jerry Blackwell when Martel pinned Patera; Tom Stone referee
Blackjack Lanza beat Bobby Heenan via walkaway countout in 14:12 Larry Lisowski referee
Billy Robinson beat Ray Stevens in 13:20 Tom Stone referee
Jim Brunzell beat Bill White in 13:10 Larry Lisowski referee