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From the August 25 El Paso Herald-Post: “The top ‘badmen’ on the local wrestling scene will square off for tonight’s 60-minute mainliner in the Coliseum. The feature brings out the Mysterious Medics, local tag champs, against the erratic style of Ali Bey and the Sheik. An oddity of the match is the fact the Medics, for the first time during their border battling, may find themselves favored by the fans. In the co-feature, Enrique Torres tries to hand Rocket Monroe the same treatment dealt out to Sputnik Monroe a week before.”

Tuesday, August 25, 1964 – Coliseum – El Paso, TX – 2,328
1) Pancho Pico defeated Armando Camacho
2) Ricky Romero defeated Bud Cody
3) Enrique Torres defeated Rocket Monroe in three falls
4) The Sheik & Ali Bey defeated The Medics in three falls

From the August 26 El Paso Herald-Post: “The Mysterious Medics may be forced to wear asbestos clothing if any rematch with the Sheik is contemplated. This seemed apparent after the smoke had settled in last night’s wrestling mainliner in the Coliseum before a paid crowd of 2,328. The victory went to the Sheik and Ali Bey after the Sheik used his ‘fireball attack’ to crumple one of the Medics. An oddity of the brief struggle was the fact that the Medics, for the first time in El Paso, were the obvious favorites of the fans. With action pegged at one fall each, the Sheik avoided defeat by shooting a blast of his well-touted flame. The fire, similar to a Roman candle, was aimed at the Medic’s bare midsection. The Medic went down quickly, arms wrapped around his stomach, and was an easy target for the final pin. The Medics were the victims of the first fall in 3:40, but salvaged the middle pin in 3:21. The final round took 3:16. Enrique Torres used an ‘airplane spin’ and body press to flatten Rocket Monroe in three falls and 27:23. Ricky Romero defeated Hangman Bud Cody, and Pancho Pico bested Armando Camacho.”

From the August 29 El Paso Herald-Post: “Ali Bey tries his ‘abdominal claw grip’ on Gordo Chihuahua and Pancho Pico in tonight’s wrestling mainliner in the Judging Arena behind the Coliseum. The Turk will be paired with Rocket Monroe. Chihuahua’s best defense is likely to be a maneuver called the ‘stomach squasher’. In another three-fall match, Armando Camacho takes another shot at the Cisco Kid. Enrique Torres goes against Hangman Bud Cody, and Paul Harrison meets Gory Guerrero.”

Saturday, August 29, 1964 – Judging Arena – El Paso, TX
1) The Cisco Kid defeated Armando Camacho
2) Gory Guerrero defeated Paul Harrison
3) Enrique Torres defeated Bud Cody
4) Ali Bey & Bud Cody defeated Gordo Chihuahua & Pancho Pico

From the August 31 El Paso Herald-Post: “The Mad Mongol returns to the border wrestling scene to join tomorrow’s triple mainliner in the Judging Arena. The agenda, usually staged in the Coliseum, was switched to the Judging Arena for this week’s face-lifting operations in the Coliseum. Three one-hour tussles will compose most of tomorrow’s slate, with the most promising being the Mongol’s battle with one of the Mysterious Medics. In the other mainliners, Dickie Steinborn and Enrique Torres will fight it out, and Rocket Monroe takes on Gory Guerrero. In Saturday’s action, Ali Bey and Hangman Bud Cody teamed up to whip Gordo Chihuahua and Pancho Pico in 20 minutes; Torres breezed through Cody in 10 minutes; Guerrero levelled Paul Harrison, and the Cisco Kid overcame Armando Camacho.”

From the September 1 El Paso Herald-Post: “Dickie Steinborn, a burly grappler from Florida, opens a border campaign tonight in the Judging Arena when he takes on Enrique Torres in a battle leading to a shot at the world heavyweight crown. The promoters plan to import Lou Thesz, the world champ, for a border defense of his crown later this month. So far, Steinborn and Torres appear the most likely candidates for the attempt. According to the promoters, Steinborn was once ranked among the world’s top ten grapplers. Two other matches will round out an unusual triple mainliner. The Mad Mongol will be out to whip one of the Mysterious Medics with his abdominal claw hold, and Gory Guerrero takes on Rocket Monroe. A six-man tag team match is also on tap. The villainous trio of Ali Bey, Hangman Bud Cody and Ray Duran will go against Gordo Chihuahua, Pancho Pico and Paul Harrison.”

Tuesday, September 1, 1964 – Judging Arena – El Paso, TX
1) Ali Bey & Bud Cody & Ray Duran defeated Gordo Chihuahua & Pancho Pico & Paul Harrison
2) The Mad Mongol defeated Medic #? via DQ
3) Rocket Monroe defeated Gory Guerrero in three falls
4) Enrique Torres defeated Dick Stenborn in three falls

From the September 2 El Paso Herald-Post: “Enrique Torres used his favorite trick, the airplane spin, to finish off Dickie Steinborn and take a giant step toward meeting Lou Thesz later this month. According to the conditions of last night’s battle in the Judging Arena, the winner would be considered the top contender for Thesz’ world heavyweight belt. The tussle was evenly matched, at first, with both fighters trading scientific knowledge. But Steinborn irked the fans by slapping Torres across the jaw after each break. The illegal slugging spurred Torres to action. After Steinborn posted the first fall in 11 minutes and 10 seconds with a spinning ‘cradle roll’, Torres squared the fray in 7:04 with a flying body tackle. The match came to a quick conclusion, five minutes later, when Torres trapped Steinborn into the whirling airplane spin. In another match, Gory Guerrero was caught off guard against Rocket Monroe and succumbed to the first fall in 15 seconds, the shortest pin in border mat history. Monroe went on to win the match. The Mad Mongol got a disqualification win over one of the Mysterious Medics, and the six-man tag match was taken by Ali Bey, Hangman Bud Cody and Ray Duran.

From the September 4 El Paso Herald-Post: “Ali Bey will sharpen his ‘abdominal claw hold’ on Gordo Chihuahua in a one fall battle included in tomorrow’s wrestling agenda. Action will be staged at Texas Auto Sales, rather than the Judging Arena. The match will serve as a drill for Ali Bey, who’s prepping for a Tuesday rematch against the Mysterious Medics in the Coliseum. Another skirmish on tomorrow’s card brings out the Mad Mongol against the Cisco Kid. The Mongol, like Ali Bey, is best with the claw grip. The Mysterious Medics take on Pancho Pico and Paul Harrison, and Ray Duran meets Hangman Bud Cody.”

From the September 5 El Paso Herald-Post: “The Mysterious Medics will be out to post their 16th border victory, against four defeats, when they take on Paul Harrison and Pancho Pico in tonight’s wrestling cartel. The four match agenda will be held at Texas Auto Sales, instead of the Judging Arena, as part of a special program. Ali Bey also performs on tonight’s card with a one fall collision with Gordo Chihuahua, and the Mad Mongol meets the Cisco Kid under similar terms. A top show is planned for Tuesday at the Coliseum, when the Medics again clash with the Sheik and Ali Bey.”

Saturday, September 5, 1964 – Texas Auto Sales – El Paso, TX
1) Armando Camacho defeated Ray Duran
2) The Mad Mongol defeated The Cisco Kid
3) Ali Bey fought Gordo Chihuahua to a draw
4) The Medics defeated Paul Harrison & Pancho Pico

From the September 7 El Paso Herald-Post: “The Mysterious Medics, drilling for tomorrow’s clash against the Sheik and Ali Bey, scored an easy win in weekend wrestling action. The hooded badmen needed only 12 minutes to flatten Paul Harrison and Pancho Pico. Activities shift to the Coliseum for tomorrow’s slate, when the Medics try to reverse the defeat handed out by Ali Bey and the Sheik last month. The unusual sequel will be staged as a Texas Death team match, with all four fighters in the ring at the same time, battling without benefit of falls or rest periods. The co-feature puts Enrique Torres against Dandy Dan Miller, with the victor getting a shot at Lou Thesz and the world crown. Other weekend results: Ali Bey and Gordo Chihuahua draw; the Mad Mongol clawed the Cisco Kid into submission; Armando Camacho licked Ray Duran.”

From the September 8 El Paso Herald-Post: “Enrique Torres faces the final hurdle in his campaign for a crack at Lou Thesz and the world heavyweight title on tonight’s wrestling agenda in the Coliseum. Torres meets Dandy Dan Miller of Ohio in a 60 minute battle, with the winner earning a shot at Thesz in El Paso on Sept. 22. Tonight’s second mainliner promises one of the season’s top brawls, with the Mysterious Medics booked against the Sheik and Ali Bey. The battle will be staged as a Texas Death team match, with all four fighters in the ring at the same time. The rematch will also go under ’lumberjack’ terms, with 10 non-participating grapplers stationed on the apron of the ring to prevent any of the principles from leaving the ring or being belted through the ropes.”

Tuesday, September 8, 1964 – Coliseum – El Paso, TX – 1,617
1) Pancho Pico fought Paul Harrison to a draw
2) The Mad Mongol defeated Gordo Chihuahua
3) Dory Funk, Jr. defeated Bud Cody
4) Enrique Torres defeated Dan Miller in three falls
5) Texas Death Match: The Sheik & Ali Bey defeated The Medics

From the September 9 El Paso Herald-Post: “The Sheik and Enrique Torres, two fighters with different styles, today were sitting on top of the border wrestling heap. This seemed apparent after last night’s card in the Coliseum, in which the Sheik scored his second straight triumph over the Mysterious Medics, and Torres put away Dandy Dan Miller. A paid crowd of 1,617 was on hand. For Torres, the victory, gained with scientific strategy, meant a Sept. 22 shot at Lou Thesz and the world heavyweight belt. The Sheik, by again licking the Medics, also staked a claim on the unofficial title of El Paso’s top grappler. The Medics currently hold the International City Tag Team trophy, but the ornament wasn’t up for grabs last night. In his previous conquest of the Medics, the Sheik used his ‘fireball attack’, but he surprised one of the Medics with a claw hold last night, then finished him off with the ‘camel clutch’. The action came after the Sheik’s partner, Ali Bey, and one of the Medics, were kayoed and carried from the ring. The match, staged without falls and without time limit, went 12 minutes and 45 seconds. The Sheik got an unexpected hand from the Mad Mongol, one of the nine wrestlers assigned to guard the ring during the bout. The Mongol bashed one of the Medics outside the ring, setting him up for the count. Torres got the first pin on Miller in 17:05 with a flying body scissors, succumbed to the ‘giant swing’ in 9:07, then won the battle in 13:28 with an ‘airplane spin’. Dory Funk, Jr. bested Hangman Bud Cody in 15:32. The Mad Mongol licked Gordo Chihuahua. Pancho Pico and Paul Harrison draw.”

From the September 11 El Paso Herald-Post: “Enrique Torres, drilling for his upcoming shot at Lou Thesz and the world’s heavyweight crown, will stage a 20 minute workout against four opponents on tomorrow’s mat show in the Judging Arena. Torres will take on Gory Guerrero, Pancho Pico, Hangman Bud Cody and Ali Bey. Each tussle will be limited to five minutes. In last week’s show, Torres put away Dandy Dan Miller to win a Sept. 22 crack at Thesz in the Coliseum. Ken Lucas returns to border warfare to test the Mad Mongol’s claw hold in tomorrow’s mainliner, carded for three falls or 60 minutes. Two other matches are on tap.”

From the September 12 El Paso Herald-Post: “Two grappling badmen, Ali Bey and Hangman Bud Cody will team up to top tonight’s cartel in the Judging Arena behind the Coliseum. They go against Gory Guerrero and Pancho Pico. The Mongol will be out to spoil the border return of Ken Lucas. Ray Crosby battles Paul Harrison. Enrique Torres takes on four opponents in drill for an upcoming shot at Lou Thesz.”

Saturday, September 12, 1964 – Judging Arena – El Paso, TX
1) Enrique Torres vs. Gory Guerrero
2) Enrique Torres vs. Pancho Pico
3) Enrique Torres vs. Bud Cody
4) Enrique Torres vs. Ali Bey
5) Ray Crosby defeated Paul Harrison
6) Ray Duran & Bud Cody fought Gory Guerrero & Pancho Pico to a draw
7) The Mad Mongol defeated Ken Lucas

From the September 14 El Paso Herald-Post: “The Mad Mongol, a grappler who reached one of the high spots of his career early this season with a battle against Lou Thesz, will headline tomorrow’s mat warfare in the Judging Arena. The Mongol goes against Enrique Torres. Tomorrow’s co-feature puts Ken Lucas against popular Gory Guerrero. In weekend action, the Mongol used his claw grip to get by Lucas in a tight scrap; Guerrero and Pancho Pico struggled to a no fall draw against Hangman Bud Cody and Ray Duran; Ray Crosby upset Paul Harrison.”

From the September 15 El Paso Herald-Post: “The Mad Mongol will shoot for his fifth straight victory when he tries to clamp his abdominal claw hold on Enrique Torres in tonight’s wrestling show at the Judging Arena. The three fall skirmish will be limited to 60 minutes. In his last outing, the Mongol conquered Ken Lucas in 25 minutes with the claw grip. Before that, the pig-tailed judo expert used the same tactic to stop Pancho Pico. His previous victims were the Cisco Kid and one of the Mysterious Medics. Torres is prepping for a Sept. 22 meeting with Lou Thesz, the world’s heavyweight champ. In tonight’s second feature, Gory Guerrero meets Ken Lucas in a 60 minute match. Two other battles are on tap.”

Tuesday, September 15, 1964 – Judging Arena – El Paso, TX
1) Pancho Pico defeated Ray Crosby
2) Bill Graham & Jerry London defeated Bud Cody & Ray Duran
3) Enrique Torres defeated The Mad Mongol in three falls
4) Gory Guerrero defeated Ken Lucas in three falls

From the September 16 El Paso Herald-Post: “Gory Guerrero, and old hand at winning wrestling matches, engineered another victory last night, but it took four falls to pull it off. The ‘extra’ fall occurred after the referee decided he had been duped by the trick tactics of Ken Lucas. The action took place in the Judging Arena. With the match evened at one fall apiece, Guerrero, trying a ‘Mexican flip’ accidentally jolted the referee out of the ring. But the official reached through the ropes to call out Guerrero for the third pin. This brought a howl from the fans, who insisted Lucas illegally had one hand on the ropes, for extra leverage, during the final pin. The referee then conceded to the crowd’s appeal, and Gory needed only 30 seconds to post the ‘fourth’ pin. Time of the match was 18 minutes and 17 seconds. Enrique Torres, in the co-feature, survived the Mad Mongol’s claw hold to hang up a three-fall victory in 23 minutes. The Mongol showed villainous tendencies. Twice during the final fall, Torres appeared on the verge of collapsing under the claw hold, but he saved himself with the ‘airplane spin’. Both Torres and Guerrero face tough assignments in next week’s cartel, with Torres slated to battle Lou Thesz over the world’s heavyweight crown, and Guerrero booked for a defense of his world’s light heavyweight belt. Other results last night: Billy Graham and Jerry London defeated Hangman Bud Cody and Ray Duran; Pancho Pico licked Ray Crosby.”

Saturday, September 19, 1964 – Judging Arena – El Paso, TX
1) The Mad Mongol defeated Ray Crosby
2) Ron Reed defeated Ray Duran
3) Gory Guerrero defeated The Cisco Kid

From the September 21 El Paso Herald-Post: “Enrique Torres will endanger the season’s longest win streak when he tangles with Lou Thesz over the world’s heavyweight wrestling crown in tomorrow’s lineup in the Coliseum. Since opening his border invasion on July 18, Torres has been undefeated in solo events, and rolled to eight straight wins. In the second half of the double feature, Gory Guerrero risks his world’s light heavyweight belt against Rocket Monroe. Guerrero recorded a sharp triumph in weekend action by levelling the Cisco Kid in 10 minutes with his ‘Mexican flip’. Cowboy Ron Reed used his ‘bulldog hold’ to lick Duran, and the Mongol overcame Ray Crosby.”

From the September 22 El Paso Herald-Post: “Lou Thesz will stage the season’s fourth El Paso defense of the world’s heavyweight belt tonight at the Coliseum. Thesz goes against Enrique Torres in a replay of a championship tussle held in El Paso in 1956. In that engagement, a capacity crowd filled the Coliseum to watch a two-fall deadlock. The champ made his last border appearance on April 28, when he scored a disqualified triumph over the Mad Mongol. The victory was gained when the Mongol illegally clamped on his ‘abdominal claw’ grip and refused to let go. In March, Thesz conquered Danny Hodge in three falls. A month earlier, Thesz and Hodge banged heads in a 90-minute draw. Tonight’s version is slated for three falls or 90 minutes. In the companion feature, Gory Guerrero takes on Rocket Monroe in a championship match carded for three falls or 60 minutes. Guerrero will protect his world’s light heavyweight title. Four supporting matches, each with a one fall limit, are also on tap. The most promising puts the Mad Mongol against Tito Carreon.”

Tuesday, September 22, 1964 – Coliseum – El Paso, TX – 1,471
1) Ray Crosby defeated Bud Cody
2) Andreas Lambrakis defeated Pancho Pico
3) Ken Lucas fought Ron Reed to a double-DQ
4) The Mad Mongol defeated Tito Carreon
5) World Light Heavyweight Champion Gory Guerrero defeated Rocket Monroe in three falls
6) World Heavyweight Champion Lou Thesz defeated Enrique Torres in three falls

From the September 23 El Paso Herald-Post: “El Paso grappling fans may disapprove of Lou Thesz’ grappling tactics, but when the chips are down, the champ always gets the job done. This was demonstrated last night when Thesz outsmarted Enrique Torres to post a three-fall victory in defense of his world’s heavyweight belt. The paid crowd of 1,471 evidently sensed a Torres victory when the local favorite caught Thesz in his over-the-shoulder ‘airplane spin’. The maneuver came with the match squared at one fall each. Torres then bounced the champ off the canvas, hoping to soften him for a quick body press, but Thesz, who built his reputation on brawn and speed, squirmed free and tricked Torres into a helpless situation. Referee Mike Burnell alertly called the count to end the match in 29 minutes and 20 seconds. Torres and Thesz showed similar styles, and the match proved a test of mat knowledge and physical condition. But Thesz drew the ire of the fans by slamming away at Torres after each pin, and ducking his head under the ropes to avoid action. At one point, when Thesz was accidentally flipped out of the ring, the champ claimed victory by disqualification, but referee Burnell didn’t agree. The first fall went to Thesz in 15 minutes and 19 seconds, the second to Torres in 3:27. Gory Guerrero came within a hair of losing his world’s light heavyweight belt to Rocket Monroe, but finally won out in three falls and 19:17. Other results: the Mad Mongol defeated Tito Carreon in 16:25; Ken Lucas and Cowboy Ron Reed were both disqualified in a bloody match; Andreas Lambrakis defeated Pancho Pico; Ray Crosby overcame Hangman Bud Cody.”

From the September 25 El Paso Herald-Post: “A program of Saturday afternoon mat shows at the Wrestling Gymnasium, 806 Texas Avenue, gets going tomorrow, with the Mad Mongol taking the spotlight. The pig-tailed Judo expert will head the four-bout cartel with a 45 minutes fracas against Arion Lambrakis, a 275 pound villain from Greece. The promoters plan to install the Saturday afternoon shows on a year round basis at the gymnasium. Another highlight of tomorrow’s show puts a border newcomer billed as the ‘Beast’ against Ray Duran. The Beast debuted in El Paso last week, and battered around Ray Crosby and Bobby Garcia in a tag team event. Louie Tillet, booked as the ‘Flying Frenchman’, also joins the lineup with a one-fall test against Armando Camacho.”

Saturday, September 26, 1964 – Wrestling Gymnasium – El Paso, TX
1) The Beast defeated Ray Duran
2) Arion Lambrakis defeated The Mad Mongol via DQ
3) Andreas Lambrakis defeated Bobby Garcia
4) Louie Tillet defeated Ray Crosby

From the September 28 El Paso Herald-Post: “Louie Tillet, grappling badman from France, will try his brawny attack on the Mummy in tomorrow’s mainliner in the Coliseum. Tillet made his border debut on the weekend wrestling card, and displayed a head-smashing maneuver called the ‘brain crusher hold’. The action kayoed Ray Crosby in 7 minutes. Other weekend results: Andreas Lambrakis defeated Bobby Garcia in 8 minutes with a ‘backbreaker’ and Boston crab; Arion Lambrakis licked the Mad Mongol by disqualification; the Beast defeated Ray Duran.

From the September 29 El Paso Herald-Post: “The Mummy returns to border action, after nearly a year’s absence, when he tried his ‘sleeper hold’ on Louie Tillet in tonight’s mainliner in the Coliseum. The Mummy, a star of the ’63 season as a tag partner, participated in a match which attracted the biggest mat attendance in El Paso since 1950. At one point last season, the Mummy rolled up eight straight solo wins. Tillet, billed as the ‘Flying Frenchman’, made his border debut on the weekend card and kayoed Ray Crosby in seven minutes. In tonight’s co-feature, Ken Lucas and Cowboy Ron Reed will bang heads in a fray limited to 45 minutes. The two were involved in a bloody deadlock last week.”

Tuesday, September 29, 1964 – Coliseum – El Paso, TX
1) The Beast defeated Bobby Garcia
2) Andreas Lambrakis & Arion Lambrakis defeated Bill Graham & Jerry London
3) The Mad Mongol defeated Pancho Pico
4) Ken Lucas defeated Ron Reed via CO
5) Louie Tillet defeated The Mummy in three falls

From the September 30 El Paso Herald-Post: “The Mummy, a grappler well-known for his ‘sleeper hold’, unveiled a new grip against Louie Tillet in last night’s feature in the Coliseum. After the Mummy squared the battle at one fall each with his sleeper hold of the neck, he tried another nerve-pinching grasp on Tillet’s left armpit, but the brawny French refused to submit, then saved himself by crawling out of the ring. This somehow led to the Mummy’s downfall. The Mummy got out of the ring to finish the job on the Coliseum floor, but Tillet managed a quick recovery, despite the effects of the nerve grips around the neck and armpit. As the fighters struggled on the floor, Tillet got in his licks, then belted a weakened Mummy back into the ring. He polished him off with a quick body slam and body press. The match was clocked in 19 minutes and 34 seconds. The first pin, recorded by the Frenchman, was based on an unusual maneuver called the ‘brain crusher hold’. In the co-feature, Ken Lucas and Ron Reed got into a brawl, with Reed at one point trying to settle matters with a chair grabbed from the ringside, but Reed made the mistake of turning his back on Lucas, and was belted out of the ring. He couldn’t make the 20-second count. The Mad Mongol used his ‘claw grip’ to flatten Pancho Pico in 8:20; Arion and Andreas Lambrakis whipped Billy Graham and Jerry London in 17:45; the Beast defeated Bobby Garcia 9:31.”

From the October 2 El Paso Herald-Post: “The feud between Cowboy Ron Reed and Ken Lucas will be extended in Tuesday’s grappling lineup in the Coliseum when the two again knock heads. The maiden meeting between the angry gladiators was staged on Sept. 21, and ended in a ‘no contest’. Louie Tillet, the Frenchman with the ‘brain crusher hold’ takes on the Mad Mongol.”

Saturday, October 3, 1964 – Texas Auto Sales – El Paso, TX
1) Andreas Lambrakis & Arion Lambrakis vs. Pancho Pico & Paul Harrison
2) The Mad Mongol vs. The Beast
3) The Mummy vs. Bobby Garcia

From the October 5 El Paso Herald-Post: “The Mad Mongol goes after his third straight victory when he meets Louie Tillet in tomorrow’s grappling mainliner in the Coliseum. The Mongiol will pin most of his hopes on his well-touted ‘claw grip’ of the stomach. In his last appearance, the Mongol used the claw hold to whip Pancho Pico. Previously, he defeated Tito Carreon. Tillet showed an aggressive style, displeased many fans, in his border debut last week when he elbowed his way over the Mummy. Tillet takes on the Mongol in a skirmish arranged for three falls or 60 minutes. The undercard will be spotlighted by the masked Beast, who runs into local hero, Pancho Pico, under one fall terms. The Beast conquered Bobby Garcia in his last outing.”

From the October 6 El Paso Herald-Post: “Two referees, one stationed in the ring and the other outside the ropes, will be used to direct tonight’s mat battle between Cowboy Ron Reed and Ken Lucas in the Coliseum. Luca snow holds an edge over reed. Their first battle ended in a ‘no contest’ when Lucas and Reed did most of their fighting among the spectators. A rematch, held last week, ended when Reed turned his back on Lucas and was belted through the ropes. The Mad Mongol and Louie Tillet, each hoping to fatten a three-match win streak, face one another in a one-hour test. Tillet is fresh off a triumph over the Mummy. The unusual father-son combination of Andreas and Arion Lambrakis will battle the Mummy and Gordo Chihuahua in a one fall match. Other single fall engagements put Pancho Pico against the masked Beast, and Bobby Garcia against swift Paul Harrison.”

Tuesday, October 6, 1964 – Coliseum – El Paso, TX
1) Bobby Garcia fought Paul Harrison to a draw
2) Pancho Pico defeated The Beast
3) The Mummy & Gordo Chihuahua defeated Andreas Lambrakis & Arion Lambrakis
4) Ron Reed defeated Ken Lucas in three falls
5) Louie Tillet defeated The Mad Mongol via CO in three falls

From the October 7 El Paso Herald-Post: “The Mad Mongol won the battle but lost the war. This was the view of grappling fans who turned out at the Coliseum last night to watch the Mongol battle Louie Tillet into submission, but the rally came after referee Mike Burnell ruled out the Mongol on a technicality and gave the win the Frenchman. The Mongol, urged on by the fans, then dealt out the belated punishment and drew blood from his foe’s forehead. According to the screams of the fans, Tillet used a short stick as a weapon against the Mongol throughout the match. Burnell ruled the Mongol was tardy in getting back into the ring during the third fall to end the fray. In the co-feature, Ken Lucas was ruled out against Cowboy Ron Reed after his second pin was erased by the referee for illegal tactics. Lucas refused to continue and went to the dressing rooms. Other results: the Mummy and Gordo Chihuahua defeated Andreas and Arion Lambrakis in 16:04; Pancho Pico defeated the Beast in 19:30; Bobby Garcia and Paul Harrison drew.”

Saturday, October 10, 1964 – unknown arena – El Paso, TX
1) Ken Lucas defeated Paul Harrison

From the October 12 El Paso Herald-Post: “Louie Tillet and Ken Lucas, a pair of grapplers with a knockout punch, will team up for the first time in tomorrow’s three fall mainliner at the Coliseum. Tillet and Lucas will take on the Mummy and the Mad Mongol. Both Tillet and Lucas scored ‘knockouts’ in recent assignments. Last month, Tillet overwhelmed Ray Crosby in seven minutes with his ‘brain crusher hold’, and Crosby was carried from the ring. In the weekend show, Lucas got into a pre-match scuffle with Pancho Pico. The latter was decked for the count, suffered a bloody scalp, and was carried to the dressing room. Paul Harrison then subbed for Pancho Pico and lasted only 10 minutes.”

From the October 13 El Paso Herald-Post: “The Mad Mongol gets a chance for revenge against Louie Tillet in tonight’s grappling feature in the Coliseum. The battle links the Mongol and his old fighting mate, the Mummy, in one-hour collision against Tillet and Ken Lucas. In last week’s topper, the Mongol was ruled out for failing to get back into the ring before the 10-second count, but after the final bell, the Mongol tried to settle matters by clobbering Tillet around and applying his ‘claw hold’ of the stomach. Ring officials and other grapplers broke up the skirmish. In addition to the claw grip, Tillet and Lucas will face the Mummy’s ‘sleeper hold’. Tillet is undefeated in four solo battles in El Paso. In the co-feature, a midget affair, Sonny Boy Cassidy and Cowboy Bradley engage Irish Jackie and Billy the Kid. Cowboy Ron Reed battles Joe Turco. Andreas Lambrakis takes on Gordo Chihuahua, and Arion Lambraskis meets Pancho Pico.”

Tuesday, October 13, 1964 – Coliseum – El Paso, TX
1) Arion Lambrakis defeated Pancho Pico
2) Andreas Lambrakis defeated Gordo Chihuahua
3) Ron Reed defeated Joe Turco
4) Sonny Boy Cassiry & Cowboy Bradley defeated Irish Jackie & Billy the Kid
5) Louie Tillet & Ken Lucas defeated The Mad Mongol & The Mummy in three falls

From the October 14 El Paso Herald-Post: “Louie Tillet today felt enough confidence over his success in El Paso to stake his ‘Brass Knucks Trophy’ against all comers. The Frenchman made the offer in the dressing rooms of the Coliseum, following last night’s grappling mainliner in which Tillet and Ken Lucas licked the Mad Mongol and the Mummy. Tillet’s undefeated record in El Paso now stands at four straight solo wins, and one tag team victory. According to Tillet, the Brass Knucks Trophy was won in Houston two years ago under special terms alloweing closed-fist socking. The promoters indicated plans to find a contender for the crown. A few brass knuckles techniques were evident in last night’s mainliner, when Tillet and Lucas ganged up on their foes one at a time. The wild action had the fans on their feet most of the time, and most of the time the fans were booing Tillet and Lucas. ’The results speak for themselves,’ Tillet said after the match. ‘The Mummy and the Mongol gave us a rough time, but we’re better, we licked them in our first time as tag partners.’ The Mongol used his ‘claw hold’ of the stomach to pin Tillet in 10:15, but the Frenchman and Lucas worked over the Mongol’s claw hand, and Tillet got eh second fall in 6:05. The same strategy paid off for a third fall pin in 9:13. The semi-final, a midget affair, went to Cowboy Bradley and Sonny Boy Cassidy in 27 minutes. The losers, Irish Jackie and Billy the Kid, got into a brawl among themselves, and the referee. Other results: Cowboy Ron Reed decisioned Joe Turco; Andreas Lambrakis defeated Gordo Chihuahua in 9:48; Arion Lambrakis whipped Pancho Pico in 9:44.”

From the October 17 El Paso Herald-Post: “Louie Tillet takes on Gory Guerrero in his first border defense of the ‘Brass Knucks’ trophy in Tuesday’s wrestling show at the Coliseum. Tillet won the unusual ornament two years ago in Houston under terms in which closed fist slugging is allowed. Both Tillet and Guerrero will tape their knuckles for Tuesday’s combat. Falls won’t count and action will continue until one of the strongman can no longer go on. The second half of the twin-bill marks the border return of the Sheik. The badman is booked against the Mummy in an hour struggle.”

From the October 19 El Paso Herald-Post: “Gory Guerrero faces a tough assignment when he resumes action after a month’s absence in tomorrow’s wrestling cartel in the Coliseum. Guerrero goes against Louie Tillet in quest of the latter’s ‘Brass Knucks’ trophy. The slugfest will be staged under terms similar to a Texas Death Match. Guerrero staged his last outing on September 22, when he came within a hair of losing his world's light heavyweight crown to Rocket Monroe, but finally won out in three pins and 19 minutes. The second half of tomorrow’s mainliner puts the Sheik’s ‘fireball attack’ against the Mummy in a one hour battle.”

From the October 20 El Paso Herald-Post: “The Mummy, hoping to control the Sheik with his ‘sleeper hold’, takes the spotlight for tonight’s wrestling headliner in the Coliseum. The Sheik, in five border appearances earlier this season, displayed a peculiar ‘fireball attack’ and a back-breaking grip known as the ‘camel clutch’. Two foes, Gory Guerrero and one of the Mysterious Medics, were injured by the Sheik’s flame. The Mummy, who is covered from head to toe by costume and mask, is considered ‘semi-protected’ against the Sheik’s fire. The Mummy also will depend on the sleeper grip, which applies pressure on certain nerves in a foe’s neck and induces a quick snooze. Second part of tonight’s twin-mainliner sends out Guerrero in quest of Louis Tillet’s ‘Brass Knucks’ trophy. Closed-fist slugging will be allowed, and the brawl will last until one of the gladiators tosses in the towel. Tillet won the ornament two years ago in Houston, and made two successful defenses. Tonight’s card will also feature a gals’ battle between Linda Carroll and Penny Brooks.”

Tuesday, October 20, 1964 – Coliseum – El Paso, TX – 1,197
1) The Mad Mongol & Gordo Chihuahua & Ray Crosby defeated Joe Turco & Arion Lambrakis & Andreas Lambrakis
2) Linda Carroll defeated Penny Brooks in two straight falls
3) Brass Knuckles Champion Louie Tillet defeated Gory Guerrero
4) The Mummy defeated The Sheik via CO

From the October 21 El Paso Herald-Post: “The Mummy, thanks to a ruling by referee Mike Burnell, today owned a victory over the Sheik, but the outcome of last night’s warfare in the Coliseum, viewed by 1,197 fans, was clouded by the interference of the Mad Mongol. The match came to a halt after 20 minutes and 40 seconds when the Sheik left the ring to battle the Mongol among the spectators. Referee Burnell then rules out the Sheik for failing to get back into the ring before the 20 second count. The Mongol, wearing street clothes, evidently disliked some of the Sheik’s unruly tactics, and butted in when the Syrian badman tried to use some unfair leverage against the Mummy. The excited crowd cheered the punishment dished out by the Mongol. The Sheik later became entangled with a few unhappy fans. In his battle with the Mummy, the Sheik used the timekeeper’s hammer, and ringside chairs, as his fighting equipment. Gory Guerrero and Louie Tillet traded blows for 55 weary minutes before Guerrero lost on a kayo, but Guerrero posted six pins, compared to two for Tillet, in the dispute over the ‘Brass Knucks’ trophy. Linda Carrol whipped Penny Brooks in 18:12 and two straight pins. The Mongol, Gordo Chihuahua and Ray Crosby defeated Joe Turco, Arion and Andreas Lambrakis.”

From the October 27 El Paso Herald-Post: “Louie Tillet risks the border’s top mat record when he teams up with Ken Lucas to face the Mummy and the Mad Mongol in tonight’s mainliner at the Coliseum. The one hour brawl will decide the new custodians of the four-foot International City Tag Team tournament. The Mysterious Medics, previous champs, vacated the title this month. Tonight’s six-bout lineup will also mark the first local appearance of the Fabulous Moolah, world champion gal fighter. Moolah will defend her belt against Linda Carroll in a skirmish carded for three pins or 45 minutes. Also slated is a revival of the ‘Battle Royal Championship’ with eight strongmen in the ring at the same time, each against the other.”

Tuesday, October 27, 1964 – Coliseum – El Paso, TX
1) Pancho Pico defeated Kenny Mack
2) Bobby Garcia defeated Pee Wee Larson
3) Gordo Chihuahua defeated The Beast
4) Joe Turco won an 8-man Battle Royal
5) Betty Boucher defeated Linda Carroll
6) The Mad Mongol & The Mummy defeated Louie Tillet & Ken Lucas in three falls to win the vacant International City Tag Team Title

From the October 28 El Paso Herald-Post: “’I can whip the Mummy, and I want a chance to pove it.’ This was Louie Tillet’s claim following last night’s squabble over the International City Tag Team trophy in the Coliseum. Tillet, in partnership with Ken Lucas, fell before the rugged attack of the Mummy and the Mad Mongol. Not only was the Frenchman the victim of the last fall, but he succumbed in a peculiar manner. The Mummy pulled Tillet from the ropes, by the seat of his pants, and applied a body press to end on of the year’s wildest battles. ‘Not only can I beat the Mummy, but I can unmask him as well,’ Tillet said. In the event his prediction flops, Tillet offered to ‘throw a hundred one dollar bills to the fans.’ Fabulous Moolah, world’s girl champ, was unable to perform due to auto injuries suffered several days ago. She was introduced to the crowd. Her substitute, Betty Boucher, battered around Linda Carroll to post an impressive win. Other results: Joe Turco survived seven opponents to win the ‘Battle Royal’ championship; Gordo Chihuahua licked the Beast in 7:46; Bobby Garcia dumped Pee Wee Larson in 11:26; Pancho Pico topped Kenny Mack in 7:02.”

From the October 30 El Paso Herald-Post: “Saturday night wrestling shows resume tomorrow at the Wrestling Gym, 806 Texas Avenue, with Gory Guerrero knocking heads against the Mad Mongol. The mainliner is booked for three pins or 60 minutes, and will mark the first meeting between the two strongmen in two years. Their last encounter ended in a stalemate. A masked fighter billed as the ‘Thunderbolt’ will make his local debut in the co-feature. The villainous newcomer will team up with Joe Turco in a 45-minute test against Pancho Pico and Bobby Garcia. Another battle puts Paul Harrison against Ray Duran under one fall, 30-minute terms.”

Saturday, October 31, 1964 – Wrestling Gymnasium – El Paso, TX
1) Paul Harrison vs. Ray Duran
2) The Thunderbolt & Joe Turco vs. Pancho Pico & Bobby Garcia
3) Gory Guerrero vs. The Mad Mongol

From the November 9 El Paso Herald-Post: “Wrestling at the Coliseum appeared today to be well on its way toward taking the count-out. County Commissioners Court received a report in person by Wes Statton, manager of the Coliseum, that International Wrestling Enterprises, Inc. owes the County $890, and has cancelled its wrestling program scheduled for tomorrow night. Mr. Statton said that under the circumstances, some action appeared to be in order. The Court took action immediately. The matter was turned over to County Atty. Jack Fant, through Asst. County Atty. Travis Johnson, who was present at the meeting of Commissioners Court. He was instructed to take steps to collect the money already due, and to have future amounts due if this is not done to proceed with terminating the contract held by these wrestling promoters.”

From the November 13 El Paso Herald-Post: “The controversy between the County of El Paso and the owner-operators of El Paso Spectaculars, the organization that conducts wrestling at the Coliseum, took a new turn with a letter addressed to the County Judge and Commissioners Court, contending nothing is due the County for use of the Coliseum unless there is actual wrestling in the usual wrestling dates. The letter of vigorous protest was signed: ‘El Paso Spectaculars, Raymond A. Gardea M.D., Raul Rivera M.D.’ What set the controversy off was action by Commissioners Court directing the County Attorny to take action toward collecting sums alleged due the County by the wrestling promoters. When the matter was presented in Commissioners Court, the operators were referred to as International Wrestling Enterprises, Inc. That was an error. International Wrestling Enterprises, Inc. was succeeded by El Paso Spectaculars. Substance of the two page letter of protest is the contention that the wrestling operators are under no obligation to pay anything to the County on dates when there is no wrestling on the usual nights for wrestling. The only comment officially made regarding the letter of protest was by County Judge Woodard, who said: ‘This matter was turned over to the County Attorney. Commissioners Court will be guided by what the County Attorney reports and recommends.”

From the November 16 El Paso Herald-Post: “County Commissioners Court once again today turned its attention toward the controversy over wrestling at the Coliseum, and called on County Atty. Jack Fant for an opinion regarding the financial phases of the contract with El Paso Spectaculars, Inc. Among the specific points Commissioners Court asked for in the opinion is whether El Paso Spectaculars, which holds the Coliseum wrestling contract, is bound to pay for use of the Coliseum or the Judging Arena, whether or not there is wrestling every week. County Judge Glenn Woodard remarked when the subject was opened that, ‘They (El Paso Spectaculars) claim the contract is not binding on them, but is binding on us.’ What he meant was that the wrestling promoters contend is that they do not have to pay for wrestling quarters every week, but that the County has to provide such quarters, either the Coliseum or the Judging Arena, every week.”

From the December 10 El Paso Herald-Post: “A conference with ‘no holds barred’ is scheduled tomorrow between members of County Commissioners Court and the Coliseum promoters ‘to see who is accusing who of what, and why’. County Judge Glenn Woodard, announcing the meeting, said, ‘We intend to thresh out all the Coliseum wrestling issues that have been presented in recent weeks, and see if an understanding can be reached on just where all concerned stand.’ He said the wrestling promoters have accused the County officials of charging that the promoters have defaulted on their contract. The controversy started when claims were made in County Commissioners meeting that the wrestling promoters were behind in paying what was due to the County as rental fees for Coliseum and Judging Arena use. The holders of the wrestling privileges contract contended they were not in arrears with payments due. They contended the contract does not provide for rental payments for nights wrestling is not contended on the usual nights, and so on and on. ‘We concluded the best thing is to get everyone concerned together and thresh the whole thing out for a possible understanding,’ Judge Woodard said. Wes Statton, Coliseum manager, who presented the 'money due the County’ matter to Commissioners Court, will be present for tomorrow’s meeting.”

From the December 11 El Paso Herald-Post: “County Commissioners Court today voted unanimously to cancel the Coliseum wrestling contract held by El Paso Spectaculars, Inc., the cancellation to become effective at the end of 30 days’ notice. The action was recommended by the Coliseum-Liberty Hall Advisory Board. The battle of words in an hour long discussion of the controversy between Commissioners Court and the wrestling promoters was intense. Positions indicated during the discussion by Commissioners Richard Tellas and Rogello Sanchez created doubt they would vote for cancellation of the contract, but when the showdown came, they went along with the other three. County Judge Glenn Woodard and Commissioners Dick Davis and Tom Mays. Commissioners Court, on information supplied by Coliseum Manager Wes Statton, contended the wrestling contract holders are in arrears on money, around $1,800, due the County. Officials of El Paso Spectaculars challenged that claim. Through counsel, the wrestling promoters contended they are not obligated to pay the County anything for the Coliseum or Judging Arena weekly unless wrestling actually is held. One of the County officials remarked near end of the discussion that ‘they will sue us if we vote to cancel’. Commissioner Davis said, ‘I have been sued by both sides twice, so let them sue.’ Judge Woodard said, ‘We are acting on the opinion of our County Attorney, and this matter must be brought to a conclusion.’ The vote was called on motion, and was unanimous to cancel, with 30 days’ notice.”

“Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” ― Mark Twain