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From the March 22 El Paso Herald-Post: “County Commissioners Court today entered into a new contract for wrestling at the Coliseum. The contract is with Ted Franco, Jr. of El Paso and Stanley Blackburn of Amarillo. Provisions of the contract call for $250 per night for rental of the Coliseum, $25 for the wrestling setup, or 10 per cent of the box office receipts, whichever is greater. The new agreement is effective April 20. Wes Statton, manager of the Coliseum, said Mr. Blackburn is one of the most successful and widely known men in United States wrestling affairs.”

From the March 25 El Paso Herald-Post: “A slate of top wrestling shows is on tap for El Paso, with the inaugural cartel in a revamped program booked for April 20 in the Coliseum. The promoters, Ted Franco, Jr. of El Paso and Stanley Blackburn of Amarillo, are planning a weekly series of mat cards composed of the biggest names in the sport. The new organization is called ‘Big Time Wrestling’. ‘Each card will feature top-quality talent,’ Franco said. ‘We feel this is what border fans expect and deserve.’ According to the contract signed this week by the County and Big Time Wrestling, the promoters will book match cards on each Tuesday, except for certain dates on which the Coliseum has been previously committed. Big Time Wrestling is affiliated with the National Wrestling Alliance, the largest mat organization in the nation. Also on tap is a taped weekly TV show of mat cards from an eastern circuit which includes Cincinnati, St. Louis and Cleveland.”

From the April 9 El Paso Herald-Post: “Lou Thesz, the world’s heavyweight wrestling champ and one of the sport’s greatest names, has been signed to defend his crown in the El Paso Coliseum on April 20. The championship match, booked by a new mat organization called Big Time Wrestling, will be the first of the 1965 season, and the first border show in six months. Wrestling will be staged in the Coliseum each Tuesday thereafter, and the promoters, who are affiliated with the National Wrestling Alliance, are planning to import top-flight talent for each cartel. The promoters are planning to sign a challenger of national reputation to go against Thesz. Also on tap for border mat fans is a weekly TV show of taped matches.”

From the April 13 El Paso Herald-Post: “A Japanese wrestler known as Sato has been added to the April 20 mat show in the Coliseum, The hefty strongman will make his border debut when he heads the co-feature. According to promoter Ted Franco, Jr., Sato is originally from Hiroshima, but has been campaigning in the Amarillo area. The mainliner will bring two of wrestling’s top names, Lou Thesz and Pat O’Connor. Thesz is the current world champ, and O’Connor is a former champ, having held the belt from Jan. 9, 1959 to Sept. 1, 1961. Thesz is the only strongman in wrestling history to win the crown six times. The April 20 cartel will be the first offered by a new mat organization called Big Time Wrestling. Action will be staged each Tuesday thereafter in the Coliseum.”

From the April 14 El Paso Herald-Post: “Jose Lothario returns to the border for Tuesday’s big wrestling show in the Coliseum, and takes on Ken Lucas, the Phoenix badman, in the co-feature. High spot of the four-match show will be a world heavyweight struggle between champion Lou Thesz and the former champ, Pat O’Connor. The mat revival is being booked by a new wrestling organization called Big Time Wrestling. The promoters, Ted Franco, Jr. and Stanley Blackburn, have lined up a tag team tussle and a solo match to complete the card. Billy Graham will trade grips with Sato, a Japanese grappler from Hiroshima, and Iron Mike DiBiase teams up with Ox Allen to engage John Tolos and Henry Piluso. Lothario, born in Torreon, Mexico, now bases his operations in San Francisco. At one point, he combined with Pepper Gomez to hold the Pacific Coast tag team championship.”

From the April 15 El Paso Herald-Post: “Wrestling returns to the Coliseum Tuesday after a six-month absence when Pat O’Connor tries to reclaim the world heavyweight crown from champion Lou Thesz. The big match will highlight the maiden cartel of a new mat organization called Big Time Wrestling. Tuesday’s companion feature will put flash Jose Lothario against Ken Lucas. Two other battles will round out the card.”

From the April 19 El Paso Herald-Post: “A battle of scientific strategy is on tap for tomorrow’s wrestling headliner in the Coliseum when Lou Thesz returns to the border to put up his world heavyweight crown. Thesz goes against the former world king, Pat O’Connor, in a four-match lineup which raises the curtain on the border mat season. Both Thesz and O’Connor rely on speed and power, but the champion occasionally draws the ire of the fans by such tactics as slugging a foe after the break, and ducking his head under the ropes to avoid combat. O’Connor held the world title from Jan. 9, 1959 to Sept. 1, 1961. The Irishman licked four previous world kings during his reign. Tomorrow’s companion event puts clean-fighting Jose Lothario against Ken Lucas. The latter is well-known to border mat aficionadas for his dubious tactics. In other battles, Sato takes on Billy Graham, and a tag team tussle brings out John Tolos and Henry Piluso against Iron Mike DiBiase and Ox Allen.”

From the April 20 El Paso Herald-Post: “Pat O’Connor, the former world champ who helped set one of the sport’s most impressive records, gets back in the border spotlight in tonight’s season-opener at the Coliseum. O’Connor will trade blows with Lou Thesz, the world champ, in a title match sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance. The mat record which O’Connor helped put in the books occurred on Sept. 1, 1961 in Chicago’s Comisky Park, when he lost the world crown to Buddy Rogers. A crowd of 41,383 turned out and shoved $141,950 through the till to set the sport’s top marks for attendance and gate receipts. Included in the Irishman’s wrestling arsenal is the ‘reverse cradle roll’, a spinning maneuver he invented. O’Connor has often used the flashy hold to crush fighters who’ve outweighed him by as much as 40 pounds. Thesz also has a wide variety of pet grips. One of his best is a ‘backward head drop’ which he uses to bang a foe, head first, off the canvas. Three other matches are on tap for tonight’s show. Ken Lucas tries his crafty style on Jose Lothario in the co-feature, and Billy Graham is booked against Sato. Iron Mike DiBiase and Ox Allen will go against John Tolos and Henry Piluso in the opener.”

Tuesday, April 20, 1965 – Coliseum – El Paso, TX
1) Mike DiBiase & Ox Allen defeated Tim Woods & Henry Piluso (15:45)
2) Sato defeated Billy Graham (14:37)
3) Jose Lothario defeated Ken Lucas in three falls
4) World Heavyweight Champion Lou Thesz defeated Pat O’Connor via CO in three falls

From the April 21 El Paso Herald-Post: “Lou Thesz was still wearing his world heavyweight crown today, but local wrestling fans had some doubts about the champ’s tactics. Thesz took on Pat O’Connor in last night’s season-opener at the Coliseum, and the battle appeared a tossup, when action boiled down to one fall each. The challenger earned an ovation by decking Thesz to the canvas twice in a row, but in the skirmish that followed, both grapplers fell through the ropes. With referee Jack Cain calling the 20-second countdown, the fighters struggled to get back into the ring, but Thesz ended the match unexpectedly by kicking O’Connor across the jaw and sending him back to the Coliseum floor. The Irishman was then ruled out for failing to make the count. Thesz was loudly booed. Earlier in the match, the champ drew the ire of the fans by ducking his head under the ropes to get out of trouble, and slamming O’Connor after each break. O’Connor got the first fall with a reverse cradle roll in 11 minutes and 12 seconds, and Thesz used the same grip to even the match. The entire battle lasted 28:37. Despite the shady tactics, Thesz was apparently forgiven by the fans, for a crowd gathered around him to shake his hand after the final bell. Jose Lothario suffered a bloody forehead, but scored a three-fall win over unruly Ken Lucas in the co-feature. Lothario used an effective ‘back-breaker’ hold. Other results: Sato overcame Billy Graham in 14:37, Iron Mike DiBiase and Ox Allen licked Tim Woods and Henry Piluso in 15:45.”

From the April 23 El Paso Herald-Post: “The Sheik returns to El Paso to head Tuesday’s wrestling agenda in the Coliseum. The Syrian badman knocked around local competition during several border invasions last season, with much of his success depending on a grip called the ‘camel clutch’. None of the Sheik’s border foes figured out a way to break the grip, but the Sheik relied on little scientific know-how and preferred a slugging attack. The colorfully-costumed fighter will be imported to El Paso under the auspices of Big Time Wrestling. Target in the one-hour headliner will be Jose Lothario, the scientific strongman who bested unruly Ken Lucas in last week’s warfare.”

From the April 24 El Paso Herald-Post: “Sato, the judo expert from Japan, returns to the border to head Tuesday’s co-feature in the Coliseum. The hefty badman is booked against the border newcomer, Joe Scarpa in a tussle limited to three pins or 45 minutes. The mainliner of Tuesday’s show puts the Sheik against Jose Lothario in a one-hour combat.”

From the April 26 El Paso Herald-Post: “Jose Lothario, a former co-holder of the world tag team crown, will try to notch his second straight border win when he trades blows with the Sheik in tomorrow’s headliner at the Coliseum. Lothario will pit his clean style and scientific knowledge against the Syrian’s villainous attack. Action on the Big Time Wrestling is booked for three falls or one hour. In tomorrow’s co-feature, Sato will probably rely on his Judo arsenal while trying to cut down Joe Scarpa.”

From the April 27 El Paso Herald-Post: “The Sheik, after a successful campaign in Detroit and Chicago, returns to the border mat wars in tonight’s Coliseum lineup, to face Jose Lothario. Lothario, one of the best matmen produced in Mexico in recent years, will probably use his flashy 'back-breaker’ hold to counter the Syrian’s wild style. Included in the Sheik’s repertoire is the ‘camel clutch’, which no local opponent was able to break during the Sheik’s five El Paso appearances in 1964. Among his ’64 victims were Gory Guerrero, who was burned across the face, and one of the Mysterious Medics, who was scorched in the mid-section. In tonight’s 45-minute co-feature, burly Joe Scarpa tries his toe-hold grips on Sato, the Judo expert from Japan. The latter was jeered by local fans for his stormy attack on Billy Graham on last week’s show. In other matches, Iron Mike DiBiase and Ox Allen team up to engage Graham and the Cuban import Pedro Godoy. Ken Lucas squares off against Henry Piluso in the opener.”

Tuesday, April 27, 1965 – Coliseum – El Paso, TX
1) Ken Lucas defeated Henry Piluso
2) Mike DiBiase & Ken Lucas defeated Bill Graham & Pedro Godoy
3) Joe Scarpa defeated Sato in three falls
4) The Sheik defeated Jose Lothario via DQ in three falls

From the April 28 El Paso Herald-Post: “The tactics used by the Sheik won’t win any popularity contest, but at least he gets the job done. The Syrian badman, in order to defeat Jose Lothario in last night’s mat mainliner in the Coliseum, resorted to illegal weapons, plus biting, kicking and hair-pulling. But after the dust had settled, referee Jack Cain disqualified Lothario for trying to get revenge in much the same manner. The wild fray was stopped after 37 minutes and 22 seconds with the Sheik on his back, bleeding from the forehead. After the final bell, the Sheik and Lothario continued the warfare throughout the Coliseum, with action finally dying down near the dressing rooms. Referee Cain became another casualty of the match when he was struck by a flying chair. The promoters today were considering the idea of rematching the Sheik and Lothario for next week’s mainliner. Other results: Joe Scarpa defeated Sato in three falls and 45 minutes; Ken Lucas whipped Henry Piluso in 5:48; Iron Mike DiBiase and Lucas defeated Billy Graham and Pedro Godoy in 13:30.”

From the April 30 El Paso Herald-Post: “The Sheik returns to El Paso to meet Jose Lothario in Tuesday’s mat headliner in the Coliseum. The battle figures as a sequel to this week’s mainliner, when the Sheik and Lothario struggles for 37 minutes before Lothario was ruled out for rough tactics. Tuesday’s renewal is booked for two-out-of-three falls or one hour. Both Lothario and the Syrian drew blood in the first encounter. A third victim was referee Jack Cain, who was accidentally belted through the ropes. In Tuesday’s companion event, Billy Graham and Don Curtis will team up in hopes of stopping Iron Mike DiBiase and Ken Lucas. A 45-minute limit will be in effect.”

From the May 3 El Paso Herald-Post: “Jose Lothario will be exposed to the Sheik’s ‘fireball attack’ in tomorrow’s wrestling headliner in the Coliseum. The one-hour battle will hook up the same principals of last week’s topper. In that struggle, action went 37 minutes, with the Sheik winning, on a technicality when Lothario was ruled out for rough tactics. The Sheik, however, didn’t get a chance to unleash his well-touted fire attack. Both fighters drew blood in the skirmish. In tomorrow’s co-feature, Iron Mike DiBiase and Ken Lucas will combine talents to engage Billy Graham and Don Curtis. Action is booked for three pins or 45 minutes. Two one-fall matches will complete the bill. The Lawman makes his border debut by facing Ox Allen, and Sato, the crafty villain from Japan, takes on Lucas.”

From the May 4 El Paso Herald-Post: “Jose Lothario, master of the ‘back-breaker’, will face the Sheik’s ‘camel clutch’ in tonight’s wrestling headliner in the Coliseum. The two fighters collided for the first time last week, each getting a pin before Lothario was disqualified for rough tactics. Lothario recorded his fall with the back-breaker, and the Sheik used his camel clutch to even matters. So far, no grappler in border combat has managed to break the camel clutch after it has been applied. Tonight’s sequel is carded for one hour or three pins. Referee Jack Cain, who had his hands full trying to keep order last week, will be back to direct the action. Also on tap for tonight’s warfare will be the border debut of Don Curtis, the British Empire champ. Curtis will be teamed with Billy Graham in a 45-minute combat against Iron Mike DiBiase and Ken Lucas. The Lawman, a former Abilene police officer, goes against Ox Allen in a 30-minute fray, and Sato tries to chop down Lucas with his judo arsenal.”

Tuesday, May 4, 1965 – Coliseum – El Paso, TX
1) Sato defeated Ray Valadez
2) The Lawman defeated Ox Allen
3) Mike DiBiase & Ken Lucas defeated Bill Graham & Don Curtis in three falls
4) Jose Lothario defeated The Sheik via CO in three falls

From the May 5 El Paso Herald-Post: “Iron Mike DiBiase and Ken Lucas today emerged as the border tag team kings and the promoters were trying to line up suitable opponents. Iron Mike and Lucas teamed up to dispatch Don Curtis and Billy Graham in last night’s action in the Coliseum. The deciding maneuver came when Iron Mike softened Graham with a set of dives from the top rope. Graham became an easy victim for a quick body press, and had to be carried from the ring. Iron Mike was also responsible for the middle pin, when he used rough tactics to subdue Curtis. The losers managed to save face by recording a single pi, and this came when Curtis put Lucas into a snooze with his effective ‘sleeper hold’. The winners took a jeering from the crowd throughout the match. Iron Mike and Lucas currently hold the Southwestern tag team trophy, and this is likely to go up for grabs in the local arena. Last night’s battle was booked for 45 minutes and lasted 43:04. Jose Lothario, in another match, evened matters with the Sheik in a furious brawl which lasted only 8:58. The Syrian lost the match by disqualification when he stayed outside the ring over the 20-second limit. The Sheik got the first fall in 2:19 with his ‘camel clutch’, but Lothario, much to the applause of the crown, recovered for a prompt pin in 2:07. No blood was spilled this time. Other results: the Lawman levelled Ox Allen in 12:30; Sato stopped Ray Valadez in 4:21.”

From the May 7 El Paso Herald-Post: “Don Curtis and Jose Lothario, two fast and scientific mat men, have been booked to head Tuesday’s card at the Coliseum. Curtis and Lothario will team up to face the stormy attack of Iron Mike DiBiase and the Russian Mongol. A three-fall, one-hour time limit will be in effect. Also on tap for Tuesday will be a gals’ skirmish, with Toni Rose of Ft. Wayne, Ind. trading grips with Maria DeLeon of Durango. Toni is second-ranked in world female listings.”

From the May 8 El Paso Herald-Post: “Two local wrestling products, Armando Camacho and Henry Piluso, have been added to Tuesday’s wrestling card in the Coliseum. The two will meet in the semi-final and will trade grips under three-fall, 45-minute conditions. In the mainliner, Jose Lothario and Don Curtis will square off against Iron Mike DiBiase and the Russian Mongol in a tussle booked for one hour. Also on tap is a gals’ collision between Toni Rose of Indiana and Maria DeLeon of Mexico. The opener pits Sato against the Lawman.”

From the May 10 El Paso Herald-Post: “The Russian Mongol will test his ‘skull-crusher headlock’ on Don Curtis and Jose Lothario when he debuts before border mat aficianados in tomorrow’s headliner in the Coliseum. The Mongol will team up with Iron Mike DiBiase. Maria DeLeon of Durango will use a clean style in hopes of controlling Toni Rose of Indiana in a gals’ match. Toni is currently ranked second in the world female standings. In other action, the Lawman takes on Sato, and Armando Camacho trades grips with Henry Piluso.”

From the May 11 El Paso Herald-Post: “Don Curtis, the British Empire wrestling king, gets a chance to square the record with Iron Mike DiBiase in tonight’s tag team headliner in the Coliseum. Curtis will take Jose Lothario as his new partner in a one-hour combat against Iron Mike and the Russian Mongol. The Mongol recently returned to the U.S. after a tour of the Orient. According to the promoters, his scorecard includes 42 straight wins and 11 hospitalized victims. As a prelude to tonight’s main event, the Mongol will warm up by squeezing a basketball to the breaking point. The exhibition will take place in the ring. A special feature of the agenda will be the season’s first gal skirmish, with Ton Rose of Ft. Wayne, Ind. going against Maria DeLeon of Durango. The Lawman, who whipped Ox Allen last time out, will try his clean style on Sato, judo expert. Also on tap is a 45-minute fray between Armando Camacho and Henry Piluso.”

Tuesday, May 11, 1965 – Coliseum – El Paso, TX
1) Henry Piluso defeated Armando Camacho
2) Sato defeated Ray Duran
3) Maria DeLeon defeated Toni Rose
4) Mike DiBiase & The Russian Mongol defeated Jose Lothario & Don Curtis in three falls

From the May 12 El Paso Herald-Post: “Iron Mike proved he can win a match without recording a single fall. This occurred in last night’s mat headliner in the Coliseum when Iron Mike teamed up with the Russian Mongol to clobber Don Curtis and Jose Lothario. The Mongol scored both the second and third pins, but Iron Mike, operating behind the scenes, set up the victory. The tactics brought a howl from the fans. Lothario levelled the Russian in 14:12 for the first pin, and matters seemed about wound up when Curtis clamped his ‘sleeper hold’ on the Russian 15 minutes later, but Iron Mike, using a short stick as an illegal weapon, slipped into the ring behind the referee’s back and belted Curtis to the canvas. The Mongol then polished off the British Empire champ with his ‘skull-crusher headlock’, and celebrated the success with a Cossack victory dance. With action deadlocked, Lothario appeared to have the edge on the Russian, but Iron Mike reached through the ropes to floor Lothario. The latter was then converted into an easy pin by the Russian. The brawl lasted 34 minutes and 24 seconds. Other results: Maria DeLeon took it on the chin, but whipped Toni Rose in 8:57; Sato roared through Ray Duran in 7:50; Henry Piluso levelled Armando Camacho in 20:48.”

From the May 14 El Paso Herald-Post: “Jose Lothario and Iron Mike have been booked to meet in Tuesday’s wrestling headliner at the Coliseum. Action is planned for one hour or three pins. Last week, the two traded trips as part of a tag team struggle. Iron Mike, teamed with the Russian Mongol, scored a 34-minute win over Lothario and Don Curtis. As a preview to Tuesday’s battle, Lothario will be seen in action on TV at 4:30 p.m. tomorrow, via Channel Four, when Big Time Wrestling inaugurates a weekly series of taped matches. Lothario’s recent match against Joe Scarpa will be shown.”

From the May 18 El Paso Herald-Post: “Iron Mike, making his first Coliseum appearance without a partner, tries his strong arm wrestling tactics on Jose Lothario in tonight’s one-hour headliner. But, under special terms of the match, a local police officer will be in the ring before the first bell to search Iron Mike for any illegal weapons. In last week’s topper, Iron Mike, teamed with the Russian Mongol, scored a 34-minute win over Lothario and Don Curtis, but the losers protested to the National Wrestling Alliance, claiming Iron Mike used a small stick as a weapon while setting up the winning pins. Iron Mike, in four Coliseum appearances, is undefeated. Each of his wins came in tag matches. Lothario, also with four Coliseum matches to his credit, holds wins over the Sheik and Ken Lucas. His only setback came from the Sheik, by disqualification. In tonight’s co-feature, Curtis, the British Empire champ, will test his well-touted ‘sleeper hold’ on Sato in a 45-minute combat. The undercard will be highlighted by a tag match combining Tim Woods and Henry Piluso against Ox Allen and Lenny Mills.”

Tuesday, May 18, 1965 – Coliseum – El Paso, TX
1) The Cisco Kid defeated Jessie Mendez
2) Henry Piluso & Tim Woods defeated Ox Allen & Lenny Mills
3) Don Curtis defeated Sato in three falls
4) Mike DiBiase defeated Jose Lothario via DQ in three falls

From the May 19 El Paso Herald-Post: “Iron Mike was still sitting on the border mat heap today, enjoying a five-match win streak. The latest conquest occurred last night at the Coliseum with a three-fall drubbing of Jose Lothario. But wrestling fans were displeased over Iron Mike’s methods. The 31-minute brawl ended unexpectedly in bizarre fashion when Lothario managed to get his head stuck between the ropes. Iron Mike, behind the referee’s back, applied some illegal tension to keep his foe hamstrung. Iron Mike walloped Lothario around the ringside seats and got the first fall in 15:35, but Lothario squared matters in 9:11 while dealing out similar punishment. In the process, Iron Mike suffered a cut forehead. The final fall, via disqualification, came in 7:13. Don Curtis put Sato into a snooze with his ‘sleeper hold’ to win the three-fall semi-final in 20:40. Both battlers used rough tactics. Curtis lost the first fall, but got the next two to win the match. Henry Piluso and Tim Woods banged around Ox Allen and Lenny Mills to win in one fall and 19:26; the Cisco Kid overcame Jessie Mendez in 9:30. Wrestling takes a holiday next week, in deference to Tuesday’s Liston-Clay bout, via television, in the Coliseum. The next mat matches will be staged on June 1.”

From the May 28 El Paso Herald-Post: “Iron Mike will put his unblemished border record on the line in a rematch with Jose Lothario on Tuesday's mat lineup in the Coliseum. The battle is planned for one hour. In the last border mat headliner on May 18, Lothario and Iron Mike struggled for 31 minutes before Lothario was disqualified for getting tangled up in the ropes. The unorthodox outcome gave Iron Mike his fifth straight border success. Two mainliners are planned for Tuesday, Don Curtis, the British Empire champ, is booked for an hour combat against Hans Schmidt of Germany.”

From the May 31 El Paso Herald-Post: “Iron Mike will try to inflate his border mat record into six straight wins when he again takes on Jose Lothario in tomorrow’s cartel in the Coliseum. The match will serve as a replay of the skirmish on May 18, when Lothario was disqualified after 32 minutes. Much of the battle took place outside the ring, with both fighters slugging one another with chairs. Tomorrow’s edition is booked for three pins or one hour. In the co-headliner, Hans Schmidt, world’s seventh-ranked heavyweight, opens a border campaign by taking on Don Curtis in a one-hour brawl. Curtis, in his last outing, overcame Sato in three pins and 20 minutes. A total of four matches will be offered on the Big Time Wrestling agenda.”

Tuesday, June 1, 1965 – Coliseum – El Paso, TX
1) The Yankees defeated Indian Joe & Henry Piluso
2) Don Curtis defeated Hans Schmidt in three falls
3) Mike DiBiase defeated Jose Lothario in three falls

From the June 2 El Paso Herald-Post: “’The back-breaker hold is an effective grip, but it has one weakness.’ This was how Don Curtis, British Empire champ, explained his victory over Hans Schmidt in last night’s agenda at the Coliseum. The win brought an ovation from the fans, and topped a well-fought card. ‘The secret in wrecking Schmidt’s back-breaker is to get him off balance,’ Curtis pointed out. The German, in applying the grip, lifts a foe, upside down, to his shoulder. But Curtis kicked hard enough and toppled the German backwards, setting up a flashy concluding pin. The three-fall struggle lasted 33 minutes and 37 seconds. Iron Mike pounded Jose Lothario into submission after 34:45 of the companion event. But the end came when referee Jack Cain decided Lothario was injured too badly, and could not continue.”

From the June 2 El Paso Herald-Post: “A small mob of emotional ringside wrestling fans started to attack a referee at the Coliseum last night, until sheriff’s deputies hired to keep order moved in. One fan was allegedly slugged by the referee and later filed an assault charge against him. The fan, Lewis C. Pare, 32, 379 South Glenwood Street, said he and other fans became incensed because of an unfair decision.”

Tuesday, June 8, 1965 – Coliseum – El Paso, TX
1) Juan Garcia vs. Frank Sikes
2) Jose Lothario vs. Jerry Starr
3) Don Curtis vs. Iron Mike
4) The Yankees defeated The Russian Mongol & Indian Joe

From the June 12 El Paso Herald-Post: “After a relatively length absence, Dory Funk, Sr. will return to the El Paso wrestling arena to meet a foe who has become the ‘man to beat’. Funk will face Iron Mike DiBiase in the main event Tuesday at the Coliseum. In other matches, Bobby Lane takes on Indian Joe, the Mongol meets the Lawman, and the Mighty Yankees battle Jose Lothario and Juan Garcia.”

From the June 14 El Paso Herald-Post: “Kids love excitement and there’ll be plenty to go around on Sunday, June 20, when some of the world’s best wrestlers try out their best holds for charity. It’s all part of the big annual ‘Little Boy Blue and Sister Too’ celebration, an annual fun day for orphans and underprivileged children sponsored by the Downtown Optimist Club of El Paso. Guiding light of the event is Saul Kleinfeld, who has given time and effort to make the day a success for many years. Thousands of children are expected to attend the annual picnic in Washington Park and the wrestling matches in the Coliseum. Mr. Kleinfeld will referee. Presentation of the bouts was made possible through the courtesy of Ted Franco, El Paso wrestling promoter. The probable lineup for the show will feature Don Curtis, the sleeper hold expert, against Lou Thesz, champion of the world. It’s up to the spectators to decide who’s the ‘good guy’ and who’s the ‘villain’, and then cheer for the favorite. Next, a tag team match will be held between the ferocious Tolos brothers against Hans Schmidt of Germany and Iron Mike. The Great Lothario will take on Japan’s karate expert Sato, and anything can happen. The Lawman will be out to get Pat O’Connor, and Pedro Godoy promises to demolish Ricky Romero, but not if Romero can help it. Thousands of needy children from El Paso and Juarez, including orphans, are treated to hot dogs, swimming and a picnic in the park with all the trimmings by members of the Optimist Club. The picnic is traditionally, and appropriately, staged on Father’s Day.”

Tuesday, June 15, 1965 – Coliseum – El Paso, TX
1) Indian Joe defeated Bobby Lane
2) The Mongol defeated The Lawman
3) The Yankees defeated Jose Lothario & Juan Garcia in two straight falls
4) Dory Funk, Sr. fought Mike DiBiase to a double-CO in three falls

From the June 16 El Paso Herald-Post: “Dory Funk, Sr. and Mike DiBiase ended all even when the referee counted both wrestlers out of the ring in the main event at the Coliseum last night. Funk took the first fall with his spinning toe hold. DiBiase countered with a knee drop to take the second fall. In the third fall, both men continued to battle outside the ring until referee John Ussery was forced to count them out. The Yankees made it three straight by defeating the team of Jose Lothario and Juan Garcia in straight falls. Dory Funk attempted to come to the aid of Lothario, but it was too late, and the Yankees took it with head butts. The Mongol beat the Lawman easily with the famous head lock, and Indian Joe up-ended Bobby Lane in the opener.”

From the June 19 El Paso Herald-Post: “The Yankees, who have been ruling the tag team wrestling world in El Paso in past weeks, will have to contend with the combo of Dory Funk, Sr. and Jose Lothario in Tuesday night’s feature match in the Coliseum. John Tolos, the Golden Greek, will face a swift-moving Juan Garcia in the semi-final. The Mongol and Gene DuBois will get things underway.”

Sunday, June 20, 1965 – Coliseum – El Paso, TX
1) Pedro Godoy vs. Ricky Romero
2) The Lawman vs. Pat O’Connor
3) Jose Lothario vs. Sato
4) John Tolos & Chris Tolos vs. Mike DiBiase & Hans Schmidt
5) Lou Thesz vs. Don Curtis

Tuesday, June 22, 1965 – Coliseum – El Paso, TX
1) The Mongol defeated Gene DuBois
2) John Tolos defeated Juan Garcia
3) The Yankees defeated Dory Funk, Sr. & Jose Lothario
4) Dory Funk, Sr. & Jose Lothario won a 10-man and a bear tag team Battle Royal

From the June 23 El Paso Herald-Post: “Dory Funk, Sr. and Jose Lothario came out second best with the Mighty Yankees in the main wrestling event last night at the Coliseum, but managed to recoup their losses and pick up $1,500 in the Battle Royal tag team match. The Yankees have taken every team they have faced in the mat ring since they began their campaign here several weeks ago. John Tolos scored a handy victory over Juan Garcia in the semi-final with the Atomic Drop. Tolos showed he has lost none of his well-known skill. The Mongol steamrollered over Gene DuBois in the opener, finally taking it with a headlock. Funk and Lothario managed to last out all other entrants, including the 650 pound bear, to win the tag team Battle Royal.”

From the June 29 El Paso Herald-Post: “Dory Funk, Sr. arrived early in El Paso for his wrestling match against John Tolos tonight at the Coliseum, just to give himself time to see his many area friends. Funk has been training hard in his Umbarger, Texas ranch to ready himself for the tough series of matches he has mapped out for himself in the near future. He wants to get past Tolos, because he must do that to be in line for the match that is dearest to his heart. He wants a Texas Death Match with Mike DiBiase, so badly that he has offered at $1,000 side bet to give DiBiase some extra incentive to get in the ring with him. But first he has to get past Tolos, and that may prove a good deal tougher than Funk thinks. Yankee No. 1 will be in the ring alone with Jose Lothario on the other half of the big double main event. His partner will be barred from ringside, and he will be searched by four patrons before the match starts. Three other great matches are on this all-star card tonight.”

Tuesday, June 29, 1965 – Coliseum – El Paso, TX
1) Paco Zamarripa fought Juan Garcia to a draw
2) Tim Woods defeated Joe Turco
3) Yankee #2 defeated Nick Roberts
4) Yankee #1 defeated Jose Lothario
5) Dory Funk, Sr. defeated John Tolos

From the June 30 El Paso Herald-Post: “Both Yankees finished on top in their matches at the Coliseum wrestling last night. Yankee No. 1 won his main event test with Jose Lothario, by outlasting the Mexican star in a hard fought battle. Yankee No.2 defeated his huge opponent Nick Roberts by sheer power in the semi-final. The two big men piled into each other from the opening bell, but the Yankee was just too much, and notched another victory. Dory Funk, Sr. won his match, and his long awaited Texas Death Match with Iron Mike. A soon as he had defeated John Tolos in the second half of the double main event, he signed in to meet DiBiase in a Death Match next Tuesday night here in El Paso. Tim Woods moved too quickly for Joe Turco, and turned him up on end with a cradle hold in their match tonight in a handy win. Paco Zamarripa and Juan Garcia wrestled to a draw in the opener.”

From the July 3 El Paso Herald-Post: “Texas Death Match rules will govern the main event at the Coliseum Tuesday night when Dory Funk, Sr. meets Iron Mike DiBiase, in the match that both fans have been demanding. Matchmaker Don Curtis has tried to discourage the match, because of the violence involved in Death Match competition, but Funk and DiBiase insisted. The semi-final match on the card brings into El Paso the U.S. Tag Team Champions, Eddie Graham and Sam Steamboat. They will be joining Jose Lothario in a six-man tag team match. Their opponents will be the two Mighty Yankees, and a newcomer to area wrestling, the Wrecker. Paco Zamarripa will be meeting Joe Turco in a 20-minute match, and there will be one other great match on this card.”

Tuesday, July 6, 1965 – Coliseum – El Paso, TX
1) Sam Steamboat fought unknown to a draw
2) Paco Zamarripa fought Joe Turco to a draw
3) Jose Lothario & Eddie Gilbert & Sam Steamboat defeated The Yankees & The Wrecker in three falls
4) Texas Death Match: Dory Funk, Sr. defeated Mike DiBiase

From the July 7 El Paso Herald-Post: “Dory Funk, Sr. came up with the winner in the Texas Death Match with Mike DiBiase at the Coliseum last night. He dropped Mike with a chair in the seventh fall of the match, and DiBiase was unable to answer after the 30 second rest. The team of Jose Lothario, Eddie Graham and Sam Steamboat managed to down the Yankees and their partner, the Wrecker, in three falls in the semi-final. Paco Zamarripa drew with Joe Turco, and Sam Steamboat went the distance with (??) in their 10-minute warm-up match.”

From the July 10 El Paso Herald-Post: “There will be no wrestling Tuesday at the Coliseum because of the ‘Campaign for Christ’ program which will be running all week. The next big matches will be held July 20 and will be headlined by tag team tournament action.”

Tuesday, July 20, 1965 – Coliseum – El Paso, TX
1) Dory Funk, Jr. & Ricky Romero won a 4-team tournament to win the vacant North American Tag Team Title (other participants: The Yankees, Mike DiBiase & Tarzan Tyler, Jose Lothario & Tim Woods)

From the July 27 El Paso Herald-Post: “Single matches are slated tonight at the Coliseum, when 10 wrestlers will go into action. Dory Funk, Jr. takes up a challenge from Iron Mike DiBiase in the main event. Tim Woods meets Tarzan Tyler in the semi-final. Ricky Romero, co-holder, along with Dory Jr., of the North American tag team title, gets in the ring with Jerry Starr of Salt Lake. Two powerful men will collide when Jose Lothario faces Klondike Bill, 360-pound Alaskan giant. Two women grapplers will meet in the opener. Penny Parker will take on Ann Casey.”

Tuesday, July 27, 1965 – Coliseum – El Paso, TX
1) Penny Parker vs. Ann Casey
2) Jose Lothario vs. Klondike Bill
3) Ricky Romero vs. Jerry Starr
4) Tim Woods vs. Tarzan Tyler
5) Dory Funk, Jr. vs. Mike DiBiase

From the July 30 El Paso Herald-Post: “Tarzan Tyler will be barefoot when he goes into the ring to wrestle Tuesday night at the Coliseum against Dory Funk, Jr. That was the way the contract read. Being unaccustomed to wrestling without shows, Tyler feels that he is suffering a major handicap. Ricky Romero, co-holder of the North American tag team title, will take on Klondike Bill, the 360 pound Alaskan. Tim Woods and the Mighty Yankee meet in a one fall encounter.”

From the August 3 El Paso Herald-Post: “Ricky Romero will try to keep together his impressive string of victories as he faces determined Klondike Bill in one of the featured wrestling matches tonight at the Coliseum. Tarzan Tyler will match Dory Funk, Jr., this time in a ‘Barefoot Match’. Tyler has agreed to wrestle without his shoes, which means his kicking ability will be nullified. The Yankee No. 1, a 320-pounder, will come up against the capable Tim Woods. The action gets underway with a four-man tag team match which includes some top Mexican wrestling talent.”

Tuesday, August 3, 1965 – Coliseum – El Paso, TX
1) Tim Woods vs. Yankee #1
2) Ricky Romero vs. Klondike Bill
3) Barefoot Match: Dory Funk, Jr. vs. Tarzan Tyler

From the August 7 El Paso Herald-Post: “Big Time Wrestling, a Ted Franco-Stanley Blackburn promotional team, has adjourned, and the matchmaker, Don Curtis, is returning to his home in Tampa, Fla. The group may resume matches in the fall. Curtis, a likeable ex-wrestler who came here to put on the matches, blamed hot weather and lack of air conditioning in the Coliseum as one reason for the failure of the game to click. He hopes to get a television deal with wrestling at Tampa and he said he may return to El Paso and try the mat game again here.”

From the August 30 El Paso Herald-Post: “Approval was given to a resolution by the Coliseum and Liberty Hall Board, granting a recess of eight weeks to wrestling promoters for the months of August and September.”

From the October 28 El Paso Herald-Post: “A wrestling promoter from Phoenix today submitted a proposal to County Commissioners Court, meeting in executive session, for leasing the Judging Arena on the Coliseum grounds for a weekly wrestling program, but ran into the hurdle of an existing wrestling contract that is inactive. The applicant for the new contract is Ernest Mohamed, representing Wrestling Promotions Inc. of Phoenix, which now conducts wrestling in Phoenix. Mr. Mohamed, represented before Commissioners Court by Atty. Sib Abraham, submitted a contract for a period of 26 weeks, and offering to pay the County $50 a week for the Judging Arena on Tuesday nights, or 10 per cent of the gross receipts, whichever is greater. County Judge Travis Johnson told the applicant that the County already is under contract with wrestling promoters for use of the Coliseum and prohibiting competition on the grounds, but that the wrestling program is dormant, and has been for some time. County Atty. Jack Fant suggested that the most practical solution of the problem would be to call a meeting with those holding the present contract and see if the contract could be vacated by mutual consent. Otherwise, he said the procedure would be to give the contract holders 30 days’ notice, and then hold a hearing on the issue preliminary to possibly ordering the contract cancelled. Mr. Fant and Judge Johnson indicated they believe the matter can be settled by common agreement with the present contract holders, and that early consideration can be given to the new proposal. Mr. Abraham said his client wants to test out the wrestling enterprise in the Judging Arena, with a television contract as well as paid attendance, and that if the prospects warrant it, the wrestling would be moved into the Coliseum, provided, of course, that the County goes along with this under an amended contract.”

From the November 1 El Paso Herald-Post: “Commissioners Court took up the matter of the wrestling contract now existing for the Coliseum and proposed at the Judging Arena on the Coliseum grounds. Atty. Jack Niland, representing Ted J. Franco of El Paso and Stanley Blackburn of Amarillo, who hold the inactive wrestling contract for the Coliseum, asked Commissioners Court to approve termination of that contract. The Court went on record as approving cancellation, contingent upon the signing of a new contract with Wrestling Promotions, Inc.”

From the November 4 El Paso Herald-Post: “Agreement was reached today between County Commissioners Court and Wrestling Promotions, Inc. of Phoenix regarding certain changes in the contract for weekly wrestling at the Judging Arena on the Coliseum grounds, with indications the contract will be approved next Monday, or possibly the following Monday. Commissioners Court, meeting in executive session, went along with County Atty. Jack Fant regarding changes in the proposed contract that would render the County exempt on any damage suits that might result from the wrestling programs, and otherwise provide terms that Mr. Fant recommended. Also, the promoters were directed to submit evidence that their corporation is licensed to do business in Texas. Terms of the contract as proposed call for wrestling bouts on Tuesday nights for a period of six months, with the possibility that events will be moved into the Coliseum, all depending upon whether attendance outgrows the Judging Arena capacity.”

From the November 13 El Paso Herald-Post: “Professional wrestling returns to El Paso in a big way, says Alan Dale, a new promoter. Weekly bouts will be held at the Coliseum Judging Arena, starting Tuesday. Dale said the best wrestlers available will be seen here. The main event Tuesday will pit Tito Montez against Chuck Karbo. Montez is well known throughout the world, having held a number of championships and currently a member of the western states tag team champions, with Ramon Torres as his partner. Torres also wrestles on the program Tuesday. His opponent is the Basque, Juan Sebastian. ‘I intend to brighten up the El Paso wrestling picture with all new faces,’ Dale said. ‘I will promise the public the best wrestling action ever seen in El Paso.’ Also wrestling Tuesday is the burly Alex Medina, a Texas who is ranked among the top 10 favorites in the nation. Medina will meet Frankie Cain from Boston, one of the country’s leading wrestlers. Another attractive bout will be between Mark Starr, Ricki Starr’s brother, and Tony Manos from Greece.”

From the November 15 El Paso Herald-Post: “County Commissioners Court today approved a contract with Ernest Mohamed for wrestling matches in the Judging Arena on the Coliseum grounds for a six-month period, matches to be held Tuesday nights and the County to be paid $75 a night. The original proposal called for the contract to be with Wrestling Promotions, Inc. of Phoenix, but that corporation is not licensed to do business in Texas, and the contract is made with Mr. Mohamed individually. He is an official of the company. The rental is to be $50 weekly for the Judging Arena building, and $25 weekly for the arena proper. That was necessary to cover a legal technicality. Wes Statton, manager of the Coliseum and grounds, said the promoters expect to start the wrestling programs tomorrow night.”

From the November 16 El Paso Herald-Post: “Tito Montez battles Chuck Karbo in the main attraction tonight in the wrestling card set for the El Paso Coliseum Judging Arena. Montez, well known for his speed and cleverness, goes against a 225-pounder with scientific roughness and aggressiveness for his tools. The semi-final event pits Frankie Cain of Boston against Texan Alex Medina in another two-out-of-three fall event. The special event has Ramon Torres against Juan Sebastian. Blas Corona meets Mark Starr of New York in the opener.”

Tuesday, November 16, 1965 – Judging Arena – El Paso, TX
1) Blas Corona fought Mark Starr to a draw
2) Ramon Torres defeated Juan Sebastian in three falls
3) Frankie Cain defeated Alex Medica in three falls
4) Tito Montez defeated Chuck Karbo in two straight falls

From the November 17 El Paso Herald-Post: “Tito Montez took two straight falls from Chuck Karbo in the main event of the wrestling card held at the El Paso Coliseum Judging Arena last night. Frankie Cain took two of three from Alex Medina, as did Ramon Torres from Juan Sebastian. Blas Corona and Mark Starr fought to a 20-minute draw.”

From the November 20 El Paso Herald-Post: Western States tag team champions Ramon Torres and Tito Montez will battle in a non-title, two out of three falls match with Juan Sebastian and Frankie Cain in the El Paso Coliseum Judging Arena Tuesday. Arizona champion Alex Medina returns to action in the semi-final, engaging Mark Starr. Medina of Phoenix is a solid 220 pounder, while Starr of New York weighs in at 218. Two other bouts complete the program.”

From the November 23 El Paso Herald-Post: “The good guys, Ramon Torres and Tito Montez, meet the bad guys, Frankie Cain and Juan Sebastian, tonight in the El Paso Coliseum Judging Arena in the best two out of three fall highlight to a four match wrestling card. Montez and Torres are Western States tag team champions, but their title is not on the line in this match. Sebastian and Cain were censored back East for their rough tactics. Mark Starr tackles Alex Medina, Arizona state champion, in a best two falls out of three semi-final that has a one hour time limit. Two other bouts complete the card.”

Tuesday, November 23, 1965 – Judging Arena – El Paso, TX
1) Frankie Cain defeated Ramon Torres
2) Tito Montez defeated Juan Sebastian
3) Alex Medina defeated Mark Starr in three falls
4) Tito Montez & Ramon Torres defeated Frankie Cain & Juan Sebastian in two straight falls

From the November 24 El Paso Herald-Post: “The good guys won in two falls last night in the featured tag team match between Ramon Torres and Tito Montez against Frankie Cain and Juan Sebastian. Torres and Montez, Western States tag team champs, didn’t allow their opponents to get a foothold in the non-title match in El Paso Coliseum Judging Arena. Alex Medina won two of three from Mark Starr in the semi-main event. In other matches, Montez whipped Sebastian and Cain stopped Torres in single pairings.”

From the November 26 El Paso Herald-Post: “Wrestling returns to El Paso tomorrow night with many new wrestlers seen for the first time, according to promoter Alan Dale. In a four bout card, a double main event presents Alex Medina, Arizona State champion, against Caesar Velasco and Tito Montez meeting Frankie Cain. In the semi-final match, Cisco Kid meets the Black Cat I and the opener has Gypsy Biviano battling Manuel Muniz. All of the bouts, held in the Coliseum Judging Arena, are the best two out of three falls.

Saturday, November 27, 1965 – Judging Arena – El Paso, TX
1) Gypsy Biviano vs. Manuel Muniz
2) The Cisco Kid vs. Black Cat I
3) Caesar Velasco vs. Alex Medina
4) Tito Montez vs. Frankie Cain

From the November 30 El Paso Herald-Post: “Arizona state champion Alex Medina tackles Don ‘Bulldog’ Kent tonight in the main event of the wrestling card scheduled for the El Paso Coliseum Judging Arena. Mark Starr of New York faces Tito Montez of Mexico in the semi-final. A special event has Juan Sebastian against Blas Corona after Black Cat I goes against Manuel Muniz in the opening match.”

Tuesday, November 30, 1965 – Judging Arena – El Paso, TX
1) Black Cat I vs. Manuel Muniz
2) Juan Sebastian vs. Blas Corona
3) Tito Montez vs. Mark Starr
4) Don Kent vs. Alex Medina

From the December 4 El Paso Herald-Post: “A three-bout wrestling card will be held at the Coliseum Judging Arena today. Paul Harrison faces Pico Heulio, Don (Bulldog) Kent meets Al Velasco, and Jimmy Ballard goes against Black Cat I.”

Saturday, December 4, 1965 – Judging Arena – El Paso, TX
1) Jimmy Ballard vs. Black Cat I
2) Don Kent vs. Al Velasco
3) Paul Harrison vs. Pico Heulio

From the December 21 El Paso Herald-Post: “The proposed program of weekly wrestling in the Judging Arena on the Coliseum grounds folded before it started. County Commissioners Court yesterday cancelled the contract with Ernest Mohamed and Alan Dale for one night a week wrestling in the Judging Arena because the promoters failed to post a $4,000 performance bond as required in the contract. Commissioners Court authorized Wes Statton, manager of the Coliseum, to rent the Judging Arena to persons or organizations wanting it and who meet the rental terms. Mr. Mohamed first proposed to rent the arena in the name of Wrestling Promotions, Inc. of Phoenix, but the contract could not be made with an out-of-state corporation, and was made with the two individuals.”

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