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From Jason Campbell's awesome site at,

Showdown at Shea 1972

September 30, 1972 in Flushing, NY
Shea Stadium drawing 22,508 ($140,923)

    Little Beaver & Little Louie beat Pew Wee Adams & Sonny Boy Hayes (8:25).

    El Olimpico beat Chuck O'Conner (5:15) via DQ.

    Jack Brisco beat Mr. Fuji (14:07).

    Gorilla Monsoon beat Ernie Ladd (20:00).

    Sonny King & Jay Strongbow beat Lou Albano & The Spoiler (4:28).

    World Women's Champ Fabulous Moolah beat Debbie Johnson (7:27).

    WWWF World Champ Pedro Morales drew Bruno Sammartino (65:00).

Showdown at Shea 1976

June 25, 1976 in Flushing, NY
Shea Stadium drawing 32,000 ($400,000)

    Ivan Putski beat Baron Scicluna.

    Jose Gonzales drew Kevin Sullivan (20:00).

    WWWF Tag Champs Jay Strongbow & Billy White Wolf beat The Executioners in three falls.
        The Executioners were DQed in the third fall.

    Andre the Giant beat Chuck Wepner (1:15 - 3rd) via countout in a "wrestler vs boxer" match.

    WWWF World Champ Bruno Sammartino beat Stan Hansen (10:19) via countout.

    Antonio Inoki drew Muhammad Ali (15 Rnds) in a "wrestler vs boxer" match. This occurred in Tokyo, Japan and was shown on closed circuit TV. Due to time zone differences this match actually occurred on June 26, 1976.

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