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 Posted: Sun Sep 21st, 2008 04:00 am
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A few more cards I found.

3/22/75 Oakland, CA @ Auditorium
World Tag Team Champions Pat Patterson & Peter Maivia vs Kurt Von Brauner & Karl Von Brauner
Moondog Mayne vs Mr Wrestling
George Wells vs Angelo Mosca
Pedro Morales vs Ricky Hunter

3/29/75 Richmond, CA @ Auditorium
Moondog Mayne & The Brute & Karl Von Brauner beat Pat Patterson & Peter Maivia & Raul Mata
Angelo Mosca beat Manuel Cruz
Pedro Morales beat Kurt Von Brauner

4/19/75 Richmond, CA @ Auditorium
Pat Patterson beat Moondog Mayne dq
Haiti Kid & Cowboy Lang beat Little John & Billy The Kid
The Brute & Angelo Mosca beat Manuel Cruz & Reno Tuufuli

8/16/75 Oakland, CA @ Auditorium
Masked Invaders & Angelo Mosca vs Pepper Martin & Don Muraco & Pedro Morales 2/3 60:00
Rock Riddle vs Ricky Thompson 2/3 60:00
Mickey Doyle vs Jerry Monti

9/12/75 Oakland, CA @ Auditorium
Pat Patterson vs Angelo Mosca
Masked Invaders vs Pedro Morales & Peter Maivia
Don Muraco vs Karl Von Brauner
Manuel Cruz vs Rock Riddle

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