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 Posted: Mon Jun 16th, 2014 04:26 am
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Just found Bruiser's first Green Bay appearance, said to be his Wisconsin debut:

Green Bay (Labor Temple) Sunday, January 2, 1955 -

Dick Afflis beat Jack Wilson
    1-Afflis won with a series of body press, body slam and pin - 17 minutes.
    2-Afflis won after a piledriver - 13 minutes.

Afflis appeared again the following week:

Green Bay (Labor Temple) Sunday, January 9, 1955 -
Mike Blazer beat Dick Afflis
    1-Afflis won with a backdrop and shoulder press - 23 minutes.
    2-Blazer won with a reverse full nelson - 19 minutes.
    3-Afflis was disqualified for failing to break a hold (5-count) - 8:40.

I'd  have loved to have seen these matches.  30 minutes with Jack Wilson and 50-51 minutes against Blazer.  Had to be quite different than the 10-minute bouts we saw Bruiser in during his later years.