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 Posted: Sun Sep 21st, 2008 09:40 pm
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Claw, you have a bunch of 1980 listings on KM that I won't repeat here since I know you'll get to them eventually.  The 10/19/80 date in Toronto came at the expense of a show in Green Bay he was billed on as well:


10/19/80  Green Bay, WI

Evan Johnson drew Steve Regal

Jerry Blackwell beat Juan Valez (sub injured Buck Zumhofe)

Tito Santana beat Jesse Ventura

Adrian Adonis beat Mad Dog Vachon

Nick Bockwinkel beat Andre the Giant- (either DQ or Countout)

Two Ring Battle Royal/winners to meet next month/$30,000 purse:

Ring One-Won by Andre the Giant.  Others in ring-Dino Bravo, Nick Bockwinkel, Mad Dog Vachon, Steve Regal, Adrian Adonis. (Listed but didn't appear: Juan Valez, Buck Zumhofe, Angelo Mosca)

Ring Two- Won by Jerry Blackwell.  Others in ring-The Crusher, Jesse Ventura, Chris Markoff, Ben DeLeon, Bobby Heenan, Greg Gagne, Tito Santana, Evan Johnson.