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Some of her other matches.

10/30/71 Detroit, MI @ Cobo Arena
Hindu strap match
The Sheik beat Tiger Jeet Singh
Bobo Brazil beat Wild Bull Curry dq
George Cannon & Fabulous Kangaroos Al Costello & Don Kent beat Lord Layton & Mighty Igor & Fred Curry
Chris Tolos no contest The Stomper
Yoshino Sato & Mitsu Arakawa drew Tony Parisi & Dominic Denucci
Baron Scicluna beat Gorilla Monsoon
Zebra Kid drew Big Jess Ortega
Dingo The Sundowner beat Lou Klein
Gentleman Ben The Wrestling Bear beat Mike Loren & George Allen & Jess Ortega & Jack Vansky & Lou Klein & Bob White & Killer Tim Brooks
Hans Schmidt beat Dewey Robertson
Lucille Dupree & Tanya West beat Linda Klein & Mary Jane Mull
att 6,321

11/15/71 Dayton, OH @ Union Hall
The Stomper beat Killer Brooks
Bobo Brazil beat Hans Schmidt dq
Lucille Dupree beat Tanya West
Dingo the Sundowner beat Ron Sanders

12/4/71 Detroit, MI @ Cobo Arena
The Sheik ddq Wild Bull Curry
Bobo Brazil beat Dingo The Sundowner
Pampero Firpo beat Jess Ortega
Fred Curry & Mighty Igor & Danny Hodge & Lord Layton beat Chris Tolos & Ernie Ladd & Al Costello & Don Kent
Johnny Valentine beat The Stomper dq
King Curtis Iaukea beat Dewey Robertson
Handicap Match
Bulldog Brower beat Bob Harmon & Ron Sanders
Ben Justice & Tony Marino beat Hartford Love & Reginald Love
Baron Scicluna beat Ivan Kalmikoff
Tanya West beat Sherry Lane
Lou Klein drew Killer Brooks
Hell's Angel I beat Zebra Kid
Att 8,383

2/26/72 Detroit
The Sheik beat Tony Marino
Tex McKenzie beat Pampero Firpo dq
Bull Curry beat Chris Tolos
Stomper beat Al Costello
Sweet Daddy Siki drew Ben Justice
Haystacks Calhoun beat Executioner
Danny Hodge beat Zebra Kid dq
Hans Schmidt beat Bob Harmon
Don Kent beat Bob White
Lou Klein beat Hells Angel
Lucille Dupree beat Tanya West
Chris Colt beat Mike Loren
att: 5,042

3/4/72 Detroit
The Sheik drew Luis Martinez
Bull Curry & Bobo Brazil beat Dingo The Sundowner & Johnny Valentine
Al Costello & Don Kent beat Ben Justice & Fred Curry
The Stomper beat Man Mountain Cannon dq
Lou Klein drew Tim Brooks
Jess Ortega beat The Executioner dq
(Ladies Battle Royal) won by Tanya West
Gino Brito beat Mr. X
Carlos Rocha beat Hell’s Angel (Paul Dupree)
Chris Colt beat Bobby Blaine
Ray Rougeau beat Cowboy Hondo

3/18/72 Detroit, MI @ Cobo Arena
The Sheik beat Luis Martinez
US Champion Bobo Brazil beat Johnny Valentine dq
Fabulous Kangaroos Al Costello & Don Kent beat The Stomper & Ben Justice
Wild Bull Curry beat Pampero Firpo
Tex McKenzie beat Hans Schmidt
Tony Marino & Danny Hodge beat Hartford Love & Reginald Love
Fred Curry drew Chris Colt
Carlos Rocha beat Killer Tim Brooks
Bill Miller drew Jacques Rougeau
Gino Brito beat Zebra Kid
Lou Klein & Lucille Dupre beat The Executioner & Tanya West
Dan Miller beat Hell's Angel #1
Little Joey Russell & Farmer Jerome beat Sky Low Low & Frenchy LaMonte
Jess Ortega beat Dr X
Att. "crowd of 12,432"

5/6/72 Detroit, MI @ Cobo Arena
Al Costello & Don Kent & George Cannon beat Bull Curry & Bobo Brazil & Tex McKenzie
The Stomper & Ben Justice beat Pampero Firpo & The Sheik dq
Cowboy Bob Ellis beat Johnny Valentine
Lou Klein beat Hank James
The Student beat Dewey Robertson
Mighty Igor beat Zebra Kid
Whipper Watson, Jr. beat Chris Colt
Jacques Rougeau beat The Medic
Tony Marino beat Bill Miller dq
Lucille Dupree beat Tanya West dq
Reginald Love & Hartford Love beat Jess Ortega & Mr. X
Magnificent Zulu beat Ivan Kalmikoff
Fred Curry beat Executioner
Tony Baillargeon beat Dr. Beach
att: 9,431

6/3/72 Warren Arena
Mighty Igor & Lou Klein vs Chris Colt & Hell's Angel I
Pampero Firpo vs Frankie Laine
Tanya West vs Sherri Lane
Ivan Kalmikoff vs Don Ritchie

7/15/72 Detroit, MI @ Cobo Arena
French Death Match, two referees one of which is Lord Layton
The Sheik beat Jacques Rougeau
US Champion Bobo Brazil ddq Johnny Valentine
The Stomper & Ben Justice beat Al Costello & Don Kent to regain tag title
Tony Marino & Haystacks Calhoun beat Hans Schmidt & Kurt Von Stroheim
Mighty Igor & Magnificent Zulu beat Killer Brooks & Yoshino Sato
Tiger Jeet Singh & Tony Parisi beat Wrecking Crew
Lou Klein & Hank James beat Bounty Hunters
Lucille Dupree & Debbie Johnson beat Marva Scott & Tanya West
Mike Loren beat Ron Sanders
att: 8,047

7/27/72 St. Clair Shores, MI @ Civic Arena
Mighty Igor & Dan Miller vs Wrecking Crew
Tanya West vs Lucille Dupree
Hans Schmidt vs Ivan Kalmikoff
Plus one other match

9/16/72 Detroit, MI @ Cobo Arena
The Sheik beat Tony Marino
Mighty Igor Vodik ddq Pampero Firpo
The Student & Killer Brooks & Johnny Valentine beat Tex McKenzie & Haystacks Calhoun & Bobo Brazil
Ben Justice & The Stomper beat Mitsu Arakawa & Tokyo Tom
Al Costello & Don Kent beat Gino Brito & Raymond Rougeau
Dan Miller beat Kurt Von Stroheim
Bill Miller beat Hank James
Magnificent Zulu beat Dr. X
JP Psycho beat Nikita Mulkovich
Mike Loren & Scott Elmore & Lucille DuPree beat the Bounty Hunters & Tanya West

9/19/72 Mansfield, OH @ 711-CIO Hall
Pampero Firpo vs The Stomper
Killer Tim Brooks vs Dan Miller
Lucille Dupree vs Tanya West
Mitsu Arakawa vs Ben Justice

11/11/72 Detroit
Bobo Brazil & Ben Justice & The Stomper beat The Student & Jess Ortega & Bill Miller
Pampero Firpo beat Johnny Valentine
The Sheik beat Tex McKenzie
Killer Brooks & Sweet Daddy Siki beat Tony Marino & Scott Elmore
Kurt Von Hess & Karl Von Shotz beat Haystack Calhoun & Dewey Robertson
Jan Sheridan & Darling Dagmar beat Tanya West & Diamond Lil
Lou Klein drew Hans Schmidt
Danny Miller beat George Cannon
att: 7,301

12/22/72 Sandusky, OH @ National Guard Armory
Mighty Igor vs Killer Brooks
Mitsu Arakawa vs Dan Miller
Haystack Calhoun vs Dr Jerry Graham
Sonny King vs Zebra Kid
Lucille DuPree vs Tanya West

12/30/72 Detroit
The Sheik beat Bobo Brazil to win US Title
Pampero Firpo beat Haystacks Calhoun dq
Tex McKenzie & Johnny Valentine beat Kurt Von Hess & Karl Von Shotz
Tony Marino & Chief Jay Strongbow beat Killer Tim Brooks & Eddie Creachman
George Steele beat Hank James
Ben Justice drew Dr. Jerry Graham
Al Costello & Don Kent beat Magnificent Zulu & Rick Luka
Mighty Igor beat Mike Loren dq
Lucille Dupree beat Tanya West dq
JB Psycho beat Jess Ortega
Farmer Jerome & Sonny Boy Hayes beat Frenchy Lamont & Pee wee Adams
Att. 12,423

More when I have time.

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