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 Posted: Fri Jul 11th, 2014 11:39 am
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It was the Clawmaster making short work of everybody last round. In the year to date standings, benlen and Khawk are still tied with Grog and Blazer just a step behind.

The way this all works is it works just like the football version of the same game. You come here , you find the current "Survivor" thread and you tell us what team will not lose today [they must win] If you are right, you continue onward. If your team loses you sit out until the next "new series" [thread] begins.

An individual team can be picked by multiple players however once you have picked a team you cannot go back to them and take them again until the next new series [thread] is started.

Of course picks have to be in before the team/game you select begins. Winner gets a 24-7 /Classics On Demand / WWE Network DVD of their choosing from Hammetime.