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 Posted: Thu Aug 14th, 2014 10:42 am
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Here's what I have listed for Muhammad Farouk in Houston. As Ron said earlier, some of these may have been under the ring name of Iron Sheik. Maybe programs will bear out how he was being billed.

03/04/77- drew Bull Ramos
03/11/77- beat Moondog Mayne
03/18/77- lost to Jose Lothario by DQ
03/25/77- drew Dos Caras
04/01/77- drew Scott Casey
04/08/77- lost to Gino Hernandez
04/15/77- w/Lord Littlebrook, lost to Scott Casey & Mighty Atom
04/22/77- lost to Jose Lothario
04/29/77- beat Reno Tuufuli
05/06/77- beat Joe Marin
05/20/77- lost to Gino Hernandez
06/03/77- beat Tiger Conway Sr.
06/10/77- drew Reno Tuufuli
06/17/77- lost to Jose Lothario
06/24/77- drew Tommy Seigler
07/01/77- beat Reno Tuufuli
07/08/77- w/Lord Littlebrook, lost to Gino Hernandez & Wee Willie Wilson
07/08/77- drew Gino Hernandez
07/15/77- drew Tommy Seigler
07/22/77- drew Bruiser Brody
07/29/77- drew Skip Young
08/05/77- lost to Ox Baker
08/12/77- drew Gino Hernandez
08/19/77- lost to Al Madril
08/26/77- lost to Tommy Seigler
09/16/77- lost to Tiger Conway Jr.