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November 18 1982 -Orlando Fla
Dusty Rhodes and Brian Blair beat Jake Roberts and Kevin Sullivan in a Bunkhouse Match
Kendo Nagasaki beat Ron Bass in a Ninja Death Match
Rufus R Jones beat Angelo Mosca by countout
Barry Windham and Charlie Cook beat Jimmy Garvin and The Texan (subbing for ????)
Bruce Walkup beat JJ Dillon
Terri Shane beat Penny Mitchell
Scott Mghee beat The Texan by DQ

November 20 1982 - Hallandale Fla- Broward County Fair - Gulfstream Park
Ron Bass vs Angelo Mosca in a Brass Knuckles match
Bahamas Champ Jimmy Garvin vs Brian Blair
Kevin Sullivan vs Terry Allen
Jake Roberts vs Scott Mghee
Rufus R Jones vs JJ Dillon

November 25 1982 - Jacksonville Fla
Rufus R Jones and Charlie Cook beat Angelo Mosca and Jake Roberts
Dusty Rhodes beat Ernie Ladd
Kendo Nagasaki beat Ron Bass
Kevin Sullivan beat Barry Windham
Brian Blair beat Jimmy Garvin by DQ
Bruce Walkup beat JJ Dillon
Penny Mitchell beat Terri Shane
Scott Mghee beat The Texan

December 2 1982 - Jacksonville Fla
Scott Mghee won a Battle Royal
Dusty Rhodes beat Kevin Sullivan
Global Tag Champs Barry Windham and Ron Bass beat Angelo Mosca and Kendo Nagasaki
Rufus R Jones beat Jake Roberts
JJ Dillon beat Bruce Walkup
Terry Allen fought Brian Blair to a draw

December 5 1982 - Orlando Fla
Ron Bass beat Kendo Nagasaki in a Steel Cage Match
Dusty Rhodes and Rufus R Jones beat Jimmy Garvin and JJ Dillon
Barry Windham fought Kevin Sullivan to a Double DQ
Jake Roberts beat Brian Blair
Terry Allen beat Jerry Grey
Scott Mghee beat The Destroyer

December 26 1982 - Orlando Fla
Barry Windham, Ron Bass, Ernie Ladd beat Kevin Sullivan, Jimmy Garvin, Jake Roberts
Rufus R Jones beat JJ Dillon
Scott Mghee beat Yatsu
Brian Blair beat Jack Welch
Terry Allen fought Hiro Matsuda to a draw

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