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 Posted: Sat Aug 30th, 2014 12:08 am
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Heading to Jones Beach in a little bit to see this show.  Pretty excited for it, I've heard good reviews of the tour so far. 

I was thinking about their catalog today and ranking their albums.  It's interesting because their hits are somewhat spread out and some albums have a big song on it and then tons of filler because even they admitted they were too fucked up to make a whole album.  I think some of their less commercially successful albums are actually their best.  This is what I came up with, in terms of albums from top to bottom:

1. Dr. Feelgood - I think their only complete album with no throw-aways and a good mix of hard-rocking anthems and power ballads
2. Saints of Los Angeles - best 2000s album made by any of the hair metal bands and very complete
3. Motley Crue - the John Corabi album gets no love but is a very complete effort with a harder sound
4. Shout at the Devil - title track, "Looks That Kill", "Too Young to Fall in Love", and their best recorded cover on "Helter Skelter"
5. Girls, Girls, Girls - starts off with the title track and "Wild Side" and then fizzles from there
6. Too Fast For Love - debut doesn't hold up as well as it should but "Live Wire" still kicks ass
7. Theatre of Pain - "Home Sweet Home" and a lot of crap
8. Generation Swine - return of Vince Neil album was wholly uninspired and for the paycheck
9. New Tattoo - does anyone even remember this 2000 album was produced?

This thread was great before AA ruined it.