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 Posted: Mon Sep 15th, 2014 01:09 am
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Married Jo wrote: Oh yeah, let me add that the people that buy it are just creatures of habit, they but Redbull and Monster just off the name which has always amazed me. NOS is probably the best out there right now, I try to sell it in our markets, nope, people still want Monster and Redbull. Last year I tried to sell this:

Faygo puts it out, the cost on it is around .75 cent a can. I put it in our markets for $1.69 a can or 2 for $3.00. It tastes pretty freaking good, has the same stuff in it that Monster has, gives you just as good a boost. Went over like a lead balloon. I actually put it in at 2 of our bigger blue collar accounts, one was a bakery and one was a hosiery mill. The people there probably make on average $12 an hour. They wouldn't touch the stuff, I put ads u for it, I had the digital signage running on our kiosks promoting it, NOTHING..they still paid $2.99 for the Monster and Redbull...crazy..
I drink the sugar free ones.  Get them at Dollar Tree.  If we have the  money I get them and drink one first thing in the morning as I am not much opf a coffee drinker.  They taste good and I can get three of these for the price of one Monster.