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 Posted: Mon Sep 15th, 2014 11:44 pm
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I agree. The barrier to entry is too high now. The capital one would need to get a new pro football league started is too immense to be reasonably raised. Fans have also made it clear they want to watch the best players. The XFL died a quick death despite some attributes such as high publicity and weekly games on NBC, USA, and UPN that put it on great footing. Apart from all the WWF garbage that accompanied its launch, life, and death, the lack of big names and poor quality of play helped put the XFL in an early grave. The NFL has its own network plus deals with CBS, NBC, Fox, and ESPN. I doubt TNT would be interested in an alternative league while ABC is an extension of ESPN, ruling it out.

I'll add this, for all of the supposed griping about rule changes and fan disgruntlement, two things are clear. One, the players today are bigger, faster, stronger, and hit harder than ever before. This is still a very violent game. Two, the ratings on the various TV outlets and day of game attendance have shown no signs at all of declining. The NFL has some issues it needs to clean up, but the sky is not falling.