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 Posted: Tue Sep 16th, 2014 03:44 am
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Road Warrior Yajuta wrote: CanadianHorseman wrote: The UFC has their own brand now:

I'm a bit surprised that Vince hasn't jumped on the enery drink bandwagon yet.
Vince partnered up when Stacker put their energy drinks out.  Plus they did put out some WWE themed ones via Socko Energy Drinks which was owned by Bischoff and Hervey 7 years back. 

The Xyience(pronounced science) are actually pretty good.  Most are sugar free and I can often get 2 for $3 at a local gas station.  It was never actually owned by Zuffa but by the owners of Zuffa/UFC.  The Fertitta Brothers had acquired ownership of Xyience through bankruptcy court but it was recently sold to Big Red Soda and will no longer be affiliated with the UFC. 
The Stacker ones were YJStinger.  Loved them, also loved those WWE Attitude drinks.  Still have an empty can of each somewhere.

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