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 Posted: Sat Oct 18th, 2014 10:59 pm
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lobo316 wrote:
Milan Lucic  will be forced to pay up $5,000 after the Bruins forward was fined by the league Friday for making an obscene gesture at fans in Montreal near the end of the Canadiens' 6-4 victory Thursday.

It was a BS call with less than 90 seconds to go in a 1 goal game but Lucic still has to control his emotions better then that. By the way - it really pisses me off that Boston plays Montreal 4 times this season and each time Boston plays the night before while Montreal gets at least 2 days rest before 3 of those 4 games. 

Game 1 - Boston at Montreal ( Thursday October 16th )
- Boston played the night before in Detroit
- Montreal played 3 days earlier in Tampa Bay

Game 2 - Boston at Montreal ( Thursday November 13th )
- Boston plays the night before at Toronto
- Montreal plays Tuesday ( Nov. 11th ) at home vs Winnipeg

Game 3 - Montreal at Boston ( Saturday November 22nd )
- Boston plays the night before in Columbus
- Montreal Thursday ( Nov. 20th ) at St. Louis

Game 4 - Montreal at Boston ( Sunday February 8 )
- Boston plays the night before at home vs NY Islanders
- Montreal plays the night before at home vs New Jersey