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 Posted: Mon Oct 27th, 2014 07:16 am
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The NAWA/SAPW owners were the same from start to finish. The Lambeth family in Charlotte owned it for the duration. Once they closed down, they sold their tapes to Mario Savoldi.

Paul Jones worked in the office from the beginning until early- to mid-1991. Dusek, who wasn't there at the beginning, left at the same time Jones did, prior to Manny Fernandez taking over as booker in August 1991.

Most of the earlier crew (which included Steamboat,) was gone before Manny Fernandez arrived. I believe the only holdovers were Chris Chavis (Tatanka,) and Vince Torelli (Ken Shamrock.) RVD came in after Fernandez took over the book.

RVD and Steamboat were working Ron West's B show WCW towns when, most often it was Steamboat and Shane Douglas vs Steve Austin and Brian Pillman on top.