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 Posted: Thu Dec 4th, 2014 11:52 pm
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khawk wrote: CanadianHorseman wrote: beejmi wrote: We haven't had it yet where everyone left bit the dust because they ran out of teams so my kneejerk reaction to the question is that if on an upcoming Wednesday night there is only one game you need to be aware of this when making Monday and Tuesday's picks.

This actually happened to me last year when khawk and I were the last ones still going after about 5 or 6 nights. Finally we got to a night where there was only 1 game and I had already picked both teams.

Do you remember if you were allowed to pick one of them again or not? I don't.

Nope. I think we just skipped that night and started a new round the next day. 

EDIT - By doing a little digging I found out that we actually had 1 NHL round go 13 days from Wednesday December 11 - 2013 to Monday December 23rd - 2013. Hopefully history does not repeat itself as both clawmaster and lobo316 picked losing teams on the 23rd. lobo316 did win an NBA round by once picking 12 straight winners though.