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 Posted: Wed Dec 31st, 2014 01:49 am
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For this year's pool I'm going to change the rules just a bit. If one of your picks gets fired, gets reassigned within the organization or simply quits then you will get points. Simply put - if you pick a Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager or GM and at some point he no longer has that position for any reason you will get points. 

Scoring will also be a bit different this year. I will now be making any " island picks " worth 2 points since it's hard to come up with a name that nobody else picks. I'm also going to be adding a " Sure Thing " pick. If you score with your 10 point pick then you will receive an extra 10 points but if your 10 point pick still has the same position on January 1 - 2016 then you will lose 10 points. 

Since I'm a bit late making this thread the deadline for sending in your 10 picks will now be 12 pm January 2nd. You can either post them here or PM them to me to keep the other players from seeing your picks. You have my word as a Cowboy fan ( and I know that carries a lot of weight around here ) that I will not look at your picks until I post them here. If one of your picks gets fired between now and 12 pm January 2nd then you can replace that pick and put your new pick anywhere on your list. While there is no actual prize given to the winner I would think that S & W bragging rights is really the best prize of all.