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 Posted: Mon Jan 12th, 2015 06:05 pm
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The rule is fucked up but the call was correct in terms of how the rule was written. Same as that one a few years ago caught in the end zone for a winning TD, made no sense then, makes no sense now.

I didn't see the game but the talk after was there were othe moments that Dallas failed to capitalize on during that game as well. If that's true, then that one play getting all the attention might deflect the usual Romo criticisms (and whoever else), which would be a nice break for him.

Manning looked terrible. Wobbly passes, passes overshooting or undershooting receivers. It'll be interesting to see if he comes back one more time. Apparently his idea earlier in the year was to come back but that isn't a sure thing anymore according to him, basedon conversations he had with folks before the game.