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 Posted: Sat Dec 1st, 2007 02:06 am
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brodiescomics wrote: I thought Green Bay looked better with Rodgers in there. Favre seemed to be pressing a bit when they got behind and was trying to win the game with 1 play. Insert Rodgers, dumb down the offense, and BAM, 2 TDs, 3 point game.

TO tried to give the game away with another case of the dropsies. Dallas' weakness continues to be the secondary and specifically Jacques Reeves. It is very important that the Dallas CBs can play man to man so that Roy Williams can stay around the LOS and headhunt. That is Dallas' strength.

They have been sitting Williams on some plays because of his poor cover skills and he took it out on the GB RB last night. Dude is gonna kill someone if they keep sitting him. He is a monster.

In the run game Williams is. As a cover safety, he might be the worst in the entire league.

They'd be better off moving him to LB.

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