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 Posted: Thu Feb 26th, 2015 08:25 pm
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I voted for Garcia.
He's not the greatest but I hate Rahm. Rahm brought Obama in last week as you know to dedicate the first national park in Chicago in the Pullman District. There's a political writer in the Sun Times who wrote today that if Obama didn't come in for that political stunt for Rahm that Rahm may actually have lost. I don't think so but who knows.

The guy in the 11th ward is Patrick Daley Thompson.
He was on the Metropolitan Water District and now they're pushing him for alderman and some say grooming him for mayor.
This was supposed to be an easy election for Thompson but it wasn't. He's in a runoff against a 25 year old guy who has never run for office in his life but the people love the work he has done for the community and especially a little league that he runs in Canaryville.
Canaryville really went heavy for the new guy and that's where his strength is although he really lives in Bridgeport.

A lot of the people tell me that they are sick of the Daley name but I think Thompson is still the favorite. Thompson's lawn and window signs used to say vote for
PATRICK DALEY THOMPSON but the news ones just say THOMPSON.

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