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 Posted: Sun Mar 8th, 2015 03:37 am
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Blazer wrote: The Trib called him out on the 180 yesterday, along with a bit of non-commiting earlier on the cameras. However, later in the article, they hammered Rahm too.

I'm serious - Chuy may win the election on this red light camera thing if he hammers it home.

I agree with the red light camera thing. People are fed up with it.

Rahm's latest commercials are sickening. He's sitting there in a sweater acting like a real nice guy saying maybe he's wrong to be himself and he'll have to change his aggressive behavior. I can't stand the guy.

Our aldermanic rae is getting dirtier and dirtier now.
The broken car windows have started and so have unsigned letters cursing people out among other things. It's going to get crazier here in the good ol' 11th ward.

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