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 Posted: Thu Mar 12th, 2015 06:48 pm
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bpickering wrote: I guess the female in the video and Victoria's husband did or still are having a thing

Former WWE Diva Victoria/Lisa Marie Varon posted the following tweets regarding the video on TMZ featuring her husband and restaurant.

"To answer all your questions from the video. @DizzyMsLizz does NOT work for @theSQDcircle . Not as long as I own it. Thx for your concern"

An hour later.. "My favorite part of the footage on @TMZ is finding out that the girl that was all on my husband still works @theSQDcircle . Wow! The nerve!"

An hour after that.. "I will take a backseat frm @theSQDcircle for awhile. Didn’t know that the bartender that was having a fling w my husband still works for me"

Um wow, I was under the impression from several things that I read that she was the woman in the video, although I didn't really look at it since I'm at work.  I guess a  couple of guys got busted that day.

This thread was great before AA ruined it.