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 Posted: Fri Mar 13th, 2015 11:11 pm
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Over the last few days, the pro-wrestling themed "Squared Circle" bar and restaurant owned by former WWE and TNA performer Lisa Marie Varon and her husband Lee Varon has received quite a bit of attention.

For one, footage of Lee tackling and holding down someone who brought a gun into the eatery made TMZ and the local media.

However, all that attention also brought a slew of social media outrage from Lisa Marie, who publicly had stated she had gone from Chicago to California to assist with her ill mother but has since outted on Twitter that she left due to an alleged relationship between her husband and one of the restaurant's bartenders....a bartender that Lisa Marie contends was fired and no longer works there, but was seen on the video that popped up on TMZ this week.

Since then, Lisa Marie has announced she and her husband are closing the restaurant, placing the blame on the bartender, while Lee Varon has denied anything of the sort.

The story was picked up today by

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