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 Posted: Sat Dec 1st, 2007 10:07 pm
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I like Brody's work. The fact he refused to lose so much in so many places puts a blemish on his work for me, though.

Jerry Blackwell never pinned him in their long-running feud, for example...there was no way that feud could end sensibly without at least one pinfall win for Blackwell. I'm sure there are other feuds that ended without Brody dropping a fall.

Don't get me wrong, pro wrestlers are supposed to look out for number one. I understand that. Maybe reading how a lickspittle like Larry Matysik looked up to him for being like that, going out his way to justify that in his (Bad) book just colours my judgement of his actions.

Matysik spends many pages of his book telling us how Brody was always looking long-term and wouldn't lose baceuse he had vision in how a feud should play out for maximum return. Reality: The promoters would ask him to lose by pin and he wouldn't (save for the odd spot show in some hick town that nobody ever heard about).

Really, how would taking the odd pinfall loss when it mattered really have hurt Brody in the long-term? Not at all, I don't think.

This is a funny argument because it is derived from what I have become educated on through the years regarding how Brody did business. In the mid-80's, from a mark perspective, I enjoyed the chaos and brutality his appearances brought, wherever I saw him.

Even then, though, it always surprised me that he never lost clean, especially when he was in as a heel. :?