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 Posted: Sat Dec 1st, 2007 10:19 pm
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Regarding his AWA title run:

True, he got the AWA belt in 1989 because being an in-law meant Verne could trust him not to leave with the AWA title in his briefcase. In fairness, he was probably the best available choice at the time from the pool Verne had to draw from when picking another champion after Lawler left.

He had been mostly an also-ran in the AWA for so long, though, that by the time he got the belt, he didn't have as much credibility as a champion that he might have, say, coming in fresh and on a winning streak at the time of the title win. he'd come out on the short end against most of the AWA mainstays over his tenure there. That hurt him.

As a talker very few could keep up with him once he got going. He was such a good talker that I was actually disappointed with his in-ring performances because of it. Put his vocals on someone with more than a basic, meat-and-potato skill-set and you've got a MAJOR superstar.

At a time when larger-than-life champions in the WWF and NWA/WCW were in place, Larry came across a physically ordinary, and no matter how great his promos challenging the other champions were, you just couldn't believe he could compete against them.

Where he fell into place during his WCW run seemed to be about right for what I thought of him...more than the average mid-carder, but not someone that would ever be a "major" player.