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 Posted: Sat Dec 1st, 2007 10:31 pm
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beejmi wrote:No discussion about Larry would be complete without debating on just how big a star he was, whether he is Hall Of Fame material, whether his relationship with Verne (married into the family) was the only reason he was an AWA champion and of course whether or not he was a "draw".

I give the Larry the benefit of the doubt -- but note I was not a big fan of his "stalling" gimmick. Great on the mic. The turn on Bruno was great stuff.

Larry could be classified as the definitive true upper card guy/semi-main event wrestler?He may not necessarily draw main event money/crowd but at the same time was all around solid. I think people really hated him but did that hate translate to drawing people to see him lose? 

One thing that needs to be considered when evaluating his drawing power was the fact that he worked on top or near the top in 3 major areas for pretty much his whole career. I realize that Georgia wasnt on fire during his time. As for the AWA he was there from the last days on top to literally their last days.