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 Posted: Sat Apr 18th, 2015 07:42 pm
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broke wrote: Quite the ending to the Flames/Canucks game last nightQuite an ending to the Montreal/Ottawa game last night!  What happened you say? Habs win, baby!  They may have just microfractured Ottawa's chances of advancing to the next round!  The hamburglar looking a little more like a BK mini to me.

Chicago is damn lucky they aren't down 2-0 and if a team like Nashville is scoring  6 on you that's reason for concern.   I would say Darling should get the start in game 3.  If the Hawks lose they are down 2-1 and you go back to Crawford.  If the go Crawford in game 3 and lose they will likely have to ride him out or risk losing game 4 behind a rookie G.

Many of the so called favorites looking not quite in playoff form but when you consider 16 points separated 1-16 you're going to get teams that can beat anyone on any given night, even in an extended series. 


This thread was great till Rossi posted that AA ruined it.

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