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 Posted: Sun Apr 19th, 2015 05:54 pm
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The whole Smokey thing happened when I first got on the wres interweb so I didn't think it was that preposterous at the time.  Other than getting some strange vibes from a message or two with "Smoeter" I bought in, but wouldn't think anything else as I didn't believe at the time that anybody had that much time on their hands.  CM and others were still insisting that Smoeter was real and it was pretty obvious after the "3 Buddy Rogers incident" that it was a crock of shit. 

Between the waste of time with Smoeter, guys arguing data that will never change over and over again, and the relative overt homo posts (disclaimer, not that there's anything wrong with that, er....Coodeville, Goku, etc..), I just lost interest.

Somebody prior nailed it.  Guys get bored and leave, and then a new group of posters show up to get belittled and questioned by the "experts" and "trolls". It's a vicious cycle. The funny thing is most of the guys at KM (Vince, Tamalie, now Ron) are really cool guys.

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