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 Posted: Mon Apr 20th, 2015 09:36 pm
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Papa Voo wrote: Rose was an ass.  Yeah, there were other former workers who had the same attitude, but Buddy was right up there on the list with Pringle in throwing tantrums and being able to dish it out but could not take it.   Buddy was worse than Pringle when it came to disrupting discussions.  When he was finally reprimanded on KM, he went through a major meltdown.  Pringle was a dick, and you knew what you were getting with him.   Rose was actually so annoying in general discussions that people left.  The multiple usernames got very old and stale. 

srossi wrote: HBF wrote: kargol wrote: I never understood why people got so het up about Rose's sockos. I think one was Just The Facts Folks. Frankly I wouldn't have had the patience to type out "I was there!!! True story!!!" after every single bloody post so it was impressive in an ADD sort of way.
It was just that he was a dick in each of the sockos.

I never got the Buddy Rose hate myself.  He was arrogant, but other than Ken Timbs I've never come across anyone who was in the biz and on these boards who wasn't.  He certainly wasn't anywhere close to as big a dick as Percy Pringle.  I got along well with Rose and we PM'ed occasionally.  I took everything he said with a grain of salt, but I think he also had a lot of good info. 

I'm with Voo 100%. Rose created user names to back himself, which was ridiculous. 

My only enjoyment of Rose was playing him on MWTapes abortion clinic.

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