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 Posted: Thu Apr 23rd, 2015 06:45 am
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kargol wrote: srossi wrote: Papa Voo wrote: kargol wrote: There were two who came on at the same time with sort of Game of Thrones type names. Something like Amberon and Hexagon. Tended to do long, analytical posts.

Yes, I think that one I mentioned was one of them was it not? 

Necrosis was in that clique I think.  The Hexagon-type name I remember, we were friendly for a while.  They were big into philosophy, humanism, atheism, etc.  They invited me to another board they moderated together that dealt with that stuff, but I only posted a handful of times.

Necrosis was (is?) British, I seem to recall.  Don't know about the polygons, I assumed they were American (or maybe Canadian). 
He trained at wiggan.  Hes a shoot fight rassler.


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