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 Posted: Thu Apr 23rd, 2015 06:22 pm
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Papa Voo wrote: It was something about God and/or Christianity. KM went overboard and warned him about religious dialogue is not permitted. George got pissed and left. George takes his religion seriously and sometimes takes it to the fringe. George started a message which was a train wreck.That's what I recall, as well. I am paraphrasing and loosely remembering; so by no means should this be considered The Absolute Truth; but I think George basically said Elizabeth died because she hadn't found Christ. Ouch.

There was also an imposter "Kevin Adkisson" around 2002, claiming to be Kevin Von Erich. He was quickly exposed and gone. Shortly after, I remember the KM policies explicitly stated that you could use a name like "Ricky Morton Fan", but NOT "Ricky Morton".