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 Posted: Sun Dec 2nd, 2007 02:53 am
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srossi wrote:  

The smart mark stuff that you later learn, and the ridiculous fan boy hand jobs that Matysik and Meltzer give him, are a turn off and I think he was quite frankly a prick in real life who would've been skewered if there had been an Internet back then, but in the ring when he was willing to work (and that was only about half the time) he was extremely good and certainly would've been money today too. 

My thoughts too.  Everyone bitches about Hogan and HHH not jobbing, and using politics, and looking out for themselves over the best interest of the bizness.  For some reason Brody gets a free pass.  Maybe it's the martyr effect.

I liked him in the ring.  I only saw him in the AWA and a bit in World Class.  I was always disapointed, because he seemed to come into the territory and leave too quickly.

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