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 Posted: Sun Dec 2nd, 2007 03:31 am
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It's a little bit different though in all 3 cases. 

Brody was in business forn himself.  His value in Japan, at least in his mind, was based strictly on his unbeatable image.  And his big paydays were all in Japan, so for him, losing in America 3 weeks before a huge Japan tour where he was main eventing against Baba and Tsuruta would be the equivalent of Hogan jobbing to Muraco 3 weeks before Wrestemania III.  It kills the mystique of a more hyped match and he gets paid less.  Part of it was an excuse never to job, part of it probably had some basis in truth.  So since he was basically booking himself and not affiliated with a company per se, he had lots of conflicts with promoters who were concerned with THEIR business while Brody was concerned with HIS business. 

With Hogan, his value to himself was his value to the WWF.  Keep Hogan strong, keep the company strong (at least until the fans got tired of him after 6-8 years).  I can't imagine there being much conflict or even politics because everyone was making a fortune.  Sure someone can bitch about not being in his spot, but if you're 3rd on a card he's main eventing compared to 3rd on the B show, that's a huge difference in your paycheck too.  Only a moron would argue with what worked.  Many wrestlers are morons though.

HHH thinks he's Hogan and Austin but he's not.  There's more politics there, or at least there was at first.  And it's a different world now because NO ONE is the draw for WWE, the company itself is or is not the draw.  It's going to be that way for a long time because I don't see another Austin coming along anytime soon.  I think everyone finally realizes that and honestly HHH has been more than generous with keeping himself away from the main event for a good 2+ years now.  And if he put himself back in the title picture at this point, I couldn't blame him because really nothing else is working anyway.  I think other guys have to some degree had an opportunity to step up and they failed, most notably Orton who I think is just boring and wooden as fuck on the mic and not a main eventer.  So any bitching about HHH seems like sour grapes at this point.

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.