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 Posted: Sun Dec 2nd, 2007 03:47 am
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HBF wrote: Gabe (and JR, Boz, Charles Thompson, Jamile Holloway, Billy Sims, Barry Switzer, Bob Stoops, and every other Sooner)-THANK YOU!  Nice job!!!

I really would love to experience the Dawgs playing in the National Title game and you guys (along with PITT) made it happen!

All of the prognositcators are saying that they won't allow Georgia in. I don't know. A bunch of people are telling me they made a rule where non-conference champs can't be in, but I just read the BCS rules, I couldn't find that. I don't remember ever hearing it, and I know for a fact that rule wasn't around before this year.


So will the voters put UGA in over their own conference champs, who have one more win and only overtime losses? I think it is possible. The two teams never played so there is no head to head. Similar questions to ask about Kansas and OU, though I think those teams will be outside, looking in. It looks like one of the two SEC teams to me.  Va Tech is the Dark Horse, but LSU whipped thier ass. How could they be in? Crazier things have happened.

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