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 Posted: Sun Dec 2nd, 2007 03:53 am
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I'm hearing that the AD wants him bad, but the School President doesn't like him. I also heard that Miles was trying to petition for the job.  Who knows? Wrestlers like to talk about "working", but I think these coaches, agents, and ADs/GMs have that shit down cold.

Many at LSU wouldn't mind seeing Miles go.  I'm not huge on some things about him, but he's a lot better than Pellini. That fool has as much talent as you could imagine and his defense just gives up way too much. I have no idea why people are so high on him. You talk about Miles underachieving with loaded talent, Pellini takes the cake in that regard.  But then again, with an offensive coordinator, and a defensive coordinator that run their sides of the ball, what does Miles bring. Should be leadership and discipline, I guess. I can see the leadership, but team disipline is a whole other story. How can you lead the nation in penalties, while only losing twice in triple OT? You are really talented and not very disciplined or focused.


 Miles does has a great record (12-2,11-2, 11-2, his bowl record, 1-1 in SEC title games in consecutive SEC seasons is pretty strong). And he has done some great recruiting on his own part. He is bringing in the same calibre of players that Saban was. He's different (to say the least), and I seriously question the disipline on the team, but he has some real good qualities too. Yes, LSU shot themselves in the foot a lot, but the fact remains that the offense made plays when they needed them all year and the defense are the ones who came up short in the two losses. Changing defensive coordinators is much more important, I think, than changing head coaches.


That discipline shit does scare me, though. Enough with the illegal formations, illegal procedures, and time-outs because of wrong personnel. Every now and then, they do something that makes me question whether Miles knows all of the rules.

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